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Moshe Comes to Visit

By Tehila Sade Moyal

We all have our fears. Some are common to many while others are unique to each of us. In Moshe Comes to Visit, Tehila Sade Moyal tackles the issue of fear and how it can be dealt with. The story features a period in a...

Miss Rosie's Miraculous Journey

By Kim Q

Miss Rosie is a little baby alpaca. When she was born, her mother didn’t have enough milk to feed her and Miss Rosie had weak legs that worked like noodles. With her human mother’s help, Momma Q, Miss Rosie managed to thrive and prosper. Momma...

Max's Hallowe'en Adventure

Max's Adventures Book 5
By Wendy Leighton-Porter

It is a pleasant afternoon until something upsets Max the talking Tonkinese cat's life again! Max's Hallowe'en Adventure by Wendy Leighton-Porter is a spine-chilling middle grade short story featuring Max, hero of The Shadows From The Past Series. In this fifth installment of Max's spin-off...

Mc Inty's Goats

A Quest to Save the Fairy Kingdom
By Caoimhe Lawlor

Mc Inty’s Goats: A Quest to Save the Fairy Kingdom by Caoimhe Lawlor is the story of a young leprechaun who was a thousand years old and lived inside the hollow in a Great Elm Tree. He had lots of friends in the forest and...

Ms. Esme Undercover K-9

And The Missing Bone (Ms. Esme Undercover K-9 Book 1)
By L.A. Maldonado

Esme has been assigned a new job in Ms. Esme Undercover K-9: And The Missing Bone by L.A. Maldonado. This time her case is downtown and Esme hates going downtown, especially if it is an undercover case. Mr. Thorn thinks only Esme can handle the...

Maria Is My Pal

By Dr. Michael T. Solomon

Maria Is My Pal by Dr. Michael T. Solomon is a beautiful children's book about friendship, responsibility and sharing. In school each day, the children are given a special treat by their teacher. The treat is the opportunity to visit the various pets in one...

Magical Adventures & Pony Tales

Box set (Vol 1 - 6)
By Angharad Thompson Rees

The special bond that exists between a horse and its caretaker is not one to take lightly. Even a wooden horse, be it a carousel horse or a rocking horse, has feelings and demands respect and proper care. You see, horses have feelings too, and,...

Megan's Pet Sitting Adventure

Megan's World, Volume 2
By Ms. Pamela Foland

Megan's Pet Sitting Adventure: Megan's World, Volume 2 is a novel about pets and pet care for children and preteens written by Pamela Foland. While this is the second book in the Megan’s World series, this book can be read and enjoyed as a stand-alone...

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Moi, Elle and La Le

Poodle Triplets Go Glam!
By J.R.Poulter

Moi, Elle, and La Le: Poodle Triplets Go Glam by J.R. Poulter is about three little poodles who are pretty, cute, and smart and who can steal anybody’s heart. The three sisters loved the way they dressed with matching bows and collars, and the color...

Muffy & Valor

A True Story
By Karl Beckstrand

Sometimes it’s difficult to see the good in others, especially when the others look bigger and stronger. Differences can be frightening, but they don’t have to be. Muffy was a small dog. Injured by another dog, a bigger dog, Muffy decided that all big dogs...

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