Children - Preschool

Find Your Nose

By Rodo Sofranac

Find Your Nose starts with an outstanding pencil illustration by illustrator Mark Sean Wilson. He has beautiful color drawings on every page of the book as well. I especially like the close-up illustrations of the children’s faces. They capture the emotions of the children in...

Teensy The Littlest Fairy

By Claressa Swensen

Teensy the Littlest Fairy by Claressa Swensen is about Teensy who is the smallest fairy at Shimmery Forest. She wants to grow and become big so that the other fairies in the forest will notice her. She does not know how to become big. Then...

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Mommy I Hurt My Rump-A-Doodle

By Sharon Brandon

Mommy: I Hurt My Rump-A-Doodle by Sharon Brandon is an educational book for small children. Divided into four sections, the book is intended to develop close and attentive reading skills that help children enjoy and understand literature better, actively seek that which builds knowledge, enlarges...

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When Worry Takes Hold

By Elizabeth Haske

When Worry Takes Hold by Liz Haske handles an interesting concept; that of worrying and how it can affect you and what needs to be done to break free from worrying. Maya was sleeping one night when the lights went out. Worry snuck into her...


By Ashley Tetzlaff

While kittens Nate and Kate enjoy running, jumping and just being their playful kitten selves, Squeaky encounters many obstacles of being the smallest kitten in the family. Squeaky cannot drink from his water bowl, play ball with Nate and Kate, or join in on jumping...

Baxter Goes To Imagination Land

By Jenn Duggan

Baxter Goes to Imagination Land by Jenn Duggan can be described in one word – enchanting! But again, as in all writings apparently ordinary, the meanings and tales behind simple titles are extra-ordinary! This book is a charming story about Baxter, a pup who’s...

Halloween with Snowman Paul

By Yossi Lapid

Halloween with Snowman Paul is a holiday-themed children’s picture book written by Yossi Lapid and illustrated by Joanna Pasek. Halloween is a magical time indeed, but there’s something about Snowman Paul that makes the holiday even more exciting. There’s a big old tree with a...

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Pinky Chenille and the Rainbow Hunters

By Sharon Sayler

Pinky Chenille and the Rainbow Hunters is a delightful rhyming story that young children will thoroughly enjoy. When Pinky and Princess Adeline discover all of the colors are gone from Addendale, a special land as you look past Mars, they begin searching everywhere, looking for...

Jobs of a Preschooler

By Brigitte Brulz

Parents are not the only ones busy with chores and jobs. Children can also be busy in their daily lives, just like their parents. Jobs of a Preschooler by Brigitte Brulz is a charming storybook which speaks about the many jobs a preschooler can to...

Getting Home

By J.R. Poulter

Getting Home by J.R. Poulter and Muza Ulasowski is an interesting and educational book for children that revolves around polar bears and how global warming is slowly making them an endangered species. Little Polar Bear is looking for his mother, brother, Gunar, and best friend,...