Children - Social Issues

Here Comes Bobo and Scooter

The Adventures of Bobo Book 2
By James Gordon

It can be hard being a kid, especially for one in elementary school. In Here Comes Bobo and Scooter (The Adventures of Bobo Book 2) by James Gordon, Bobo got the chance to experience growing up first hand by dealing with bullying, rejection and getting...

Run, Jeremiah Run!

The Also Rans Series
By Mabel Elizabeth Singletary

We are all different. When you meet others, are you interested in getting to know them, or do you shun them because of their differences? In Run, Jeremiah Run! The Also Rans Series by Mabel Elizabeth Singletary, children will learn about hope, inspiration, and challenges...


Sky Raider Academy, Book 1
By Kirstin Pulioff

Initiation is the first book in the Sky Raider Academy series, written by Kirstin Pulioff. When eleven-year-old Tommy starts life over, moving to his uncle’s farm and attending Mustang Mountain Elementary School, he is constantly teased and bullied by Devan – a student renowned for...

Mister D

A Children's Picture Book About Overcoming Doubts and Fears
By Elizabeth Stevens

Poor Julie. Even though she practices a lot for her upcoming karate test, she just can’t perform in front of other people or animals. She just couldn’t do the flying side kick when others were watching. Her favorite Aunt Mary told Julie about Mister D,...

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The Golden Rule

By Jessica Marie Baumgartner

The Golden Rule is a children’s book of acceptance, written by Jessica Marie Baumgartner and illustrated by Laura Winship-Fanaei. A young child, Pagan by faith, has many friends. Her friends come from different countries, races, religions and backgrounds. One thing that binds them is known...

Every Child Deserves

By Philip McAdoo

Not every child has the benefit of two loving parents and a home, a place in which to grow up, feel safe, learn things and have fun. Some children are abandoned or abused, or their parents die and they become wards of the state. These...

I'm Your Buddy

By Carol Ann Rowell

Wow! With images that are so realistic and colorful, illustrator Pamela Becker has done an excellent job illustrating I’m Your Buddy: A True Story about a Goffin Cockatoo. People are hardest to draw, but her highlights, shadows, and tones make them look real. The full-page...

Spirit Runner

By Richard Ferguson

Spirit Runner by Richard Ferguson is a book that celebrates that indefinable character inside us all, the indomitable human spirit. We meet young seven-year-old Ron Campbell, a promising age-group athlete, who ends up facing the worst that life’s circumstances can throw at him. After losing...

Izzie the Inchworm's First Day of School

By Viki Heagy

Izzie the Inchworm's First Day of School by Viki Heagy is a fun children's book that follows a young inchworm named Izzie. It is Izzie's first day at a new school, and she's feeling very nervous. She doesn't have any friends at the new school,...

Trouble at Riverside Academy

By Liam Moiser

Trouble at Riverside Academy by Liam Moiser is a stunning chapter book that follows a girl named Rachel. Rachel is in her final year at Riverside, and is enjoying spending time with her boyfriend, Benjamin. She is head girl of the school, and Benjamin is...

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