Children - Social Issues


All in the Woods...
By J.R. Poulter

Bushed?! All in the Woods... written by J.R. Poulter and illustrated by Linda Gunn tells the story of Pete who has just moved to the countryside in the area where his Granddad used to live. Pete discovers a strange furry visitor who likes snacks, but...

I'm Snobbity Snowman

By Quiet Riley Jr, Maria Bardyukova

We all like to feel good about ourselves some of the time. Unfortunately, it’s far too easy to feel too good about ourselves all of the time. It is human nature to feel a little bit of pride in a new outfit, a new job,...


A Holocaust Story for Children
By Anita Lavi

We each have a story, history or culture which helps to identify who we are. Some families are experts in keeping family traditions alive while others are not because they wish to forget. Mendel: A Holocaust Story for Children by Anita Lavi tells the story...

Why Did You Choose Me?

By Katie Cruice Smith

In today's culture, there are so many children awaiting adoption. Children are a special gift and should be treated as such. As adults, it is our job to be the leaders, heroes and the protectors of our children and their well-being. There are so many...

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By Stephanie Baruffi

Clarence should be the happiest boy ever. He has a big, wonderful Italian family that loves him, his Nonna, his grandmother, is the best cook ever, and Stella, the family dog, always makes sure Clarence gets a big, wet, slobbery greeting when he comes home...

Confessions of a Nerdy Girl: Top Secret

Diary #1
By Linda Rey

Confessions of a Nerdy Girl: Top Secret (Diary #1) by Linda Rey is an amazing book that follows a young girl named Willa as she writes in her diary. She was adopted when she was younger, and her sister is mean to her. She has...

Ben and the Bullies

By Jack Thompsen

Ben and the Bullies is a children’s book of courage, written in rhyme by Not So Serious Jack (aka Jack Thompsen) and illustrated by Ignacio G. When at home, Ben loves to cook, read and spend time with his family. But when at school, Ben’s...

The Adventurous Tale of Tiara Lee

By D. Ryan Lafferty

The Adventurous Tale of Tiara Lee is a wonderful fable with a happy ending. Author D. Ryan Lafferty has written a moving story that includes many emotions like scary scenes, a sad past, and a happy ending. Written in rhyming form, the fable involves a...


By Shalah Collins

Rascalville by Shalah Collins is the story of how a group of children cope with a terrible event. Jake is late meeting his friends in their treehouse in New York City. The temperatures are rising fast and they need to decide what they are going...

Super Rooster and Wonder Cat

By Alma Hammond

Super Rooster and Wonder Cat is a cute little story with a big concept that can help young children as it is read to them or as they use this book as a starter reader. The colorful illustrations of Hugh Keiser help bring to life...

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