Fiction - Action


By Michele I. Khoury

Busted by Michele I. Khoury is a riveting story with characters that readers will enjoy. Twenty-four-year-old artist Gina McKenna is literally broke and she is about to spend the last of what she had left when a rich businessman buys one of her paintings and...

Blood Cure

A Keira Blackwater Novel Volume 1
By K. R. Willis

Blood Cure: A Keira Blackwater Novel, Volume 1 is a paranormal urban fantasy novel written by K.R. Willis. Keira’s happiest when she’s working in the converted Firehouse that’s now her classic car repair shop or working out upstairs with Sam, her childhood friend and business...

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Blue's Point

By Richard Ferguson

Blue's Point by Richard Ferguson is a story with a strong setting and a well-developed racial theme, a thriller that will have the reader’s eyes glued to the pages. Meet ex-convict, journalist Steve Cox, recently released to the custody of old Jim Blue, the man...

Blood Memory Society

Book 1
By D.A. Field

Dr. Will Dunbar practices reproductive medicine, an expert in his field, and is just preparing to take the enviable position as head of the department in the Mayo Clinic when the call comes. It’s his former classmate at West Point and it is a matter...

Beginner's Luck

By Jon Wlodarek

When Durvious leaves his home to pursue a life of adventure, he has no idea just how soon his adventures will begin. An encounter with a forest of enchanted, sentient trees with homicidal tendencies leaves him badly injured. He liberates Fergusson, the son of a...

Bourbon Street Burn

Sommerville Suspense
By Anastasia Amor

Detailed ongoing nightmares motivate psychic Anabelle Sommerville to travel to New Orleans to try to understand her past life in Bourbon Street Burn: Sommerville Suspense by Anastasia Amor. With her present life eerily matching aspects of her past life almost 200 years earlier, renowned restaurateur...

Banister - The New World

An Early American Adventure
By Kent Courtney

I was hooked immediately when I read the opening lines introducing Banister - The New World: An Early American Adventure by Kent Courtney: “I would be honored to tell you the story of my family’s history and our trip to the Americas — the New...

Between Worlds

By P J Roscoe

Between Worlds by P.J. Roscoe is a spine-tingling mystery novel about a woman who time slips into sixth century England. After missing for months, Emily is discovered at a grisly murder scene. She is wearing garments from another era and holding a sword that dates...

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By Hook or By Crook

A tale of crime, romance and family
By Al Marsiglia

Frankie Fiore just wants to go back to a quiet life after doing time. He's leaving the mob life in New York City behind for a quiet life in Dunnville, North Carolina with his girlfriend and her daughter by a previous marriage. An early morning...


Book One of the Revisions to the Truth Series
By J. Kyle McNeal

Birthrights is Book One of the Revisions to the Truth Series by J. Kyle McNeal and, as the title of the series suggests, the topic of truth plays an important role. The story is told from a variety of perspectives - you get to know...