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Heirs of Power

The Constellation Saga Book 1
By Kay MacLeod

Heirs of Power by Kay MacLeod is the first book in The Constellation Saga. Kitty Fairlow has everything she could want: hunting, protecting those she cares about, the peace of the woods she's always known, and an upcoming wedding to her childhood love. After Kitty...

Hotsuka's Story

Book 1 of the Dragon Pearl Series
By J F Mehentee

Hotsuka is a Meijin, an immortal incorporeal being tasked with exploring the universe and all the life forms contained in it. Hotsuka's Story by J.F. Mehentee is the first book in the Dragon Pearl series and tells how Hotsuka wakes in the depths of a...

How A Loser Like Me Survived the Zombie Apocalypse

By Steven Bereznai

In How A Loser Like Me Survived the Zombie Apocalypse by Steven Bereznai, Marty Melon starts off having a bad day. As if killing his lady-love-turned-zombie isn't bad enough, he finds himself fighting for survival with his bitch ex-girlfriend playing her same old underhanded self....

Hunters of Gaia

New Mother Earth Book 2
By Renna Olsen

Hunters of Gaia, the second book of Renna Olsen's New Mother Earth series delves into the power struggle between a galactic corporation intent on maintaining its assets, an ambitious leader bent on leaving her mark on history, an artificial intelligence seeking to evolve, and a...

Hannibal's Niece

A Tale of Love, Murder, and Deceit in Ancient Rome
By Anthony R. Licata

Hannibal's Niece: A Tale of Love, Murder, and Deceit in Ancient Rome by Anthony R. Licata follows one warrior’s quest to avenge the death of his father, but little does he know that this would lead him to find that one thing he never expected...

Harbor in the Storm

The Greek Isles Series Book 6
By Angel Sefer

Harbor in the Storm: The Greek Isles Series, Book 6 is a romantic suspense novel written by Angel Sefer. While this is book 6 in her series, each of Sefer’s Greek Isles books is written as a standalone story that takes place on one of...

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Hijacking of the American Presidency

Terrorists in the White House
By Assad R Wright

Hijacking of the American Presidency: Terrorists in the White House by Assad R Wright is a political thriller with awesome characters and surprising literary elements, a story that reads like an action movie, and it won’t be surprising if fans of the movie Olympus Has...

Hell Came With Her

By Channing H Cornwall

Hell Came with Her by Channing H Cornwall is a tale of revenge. Sadie Warner is looking to settle a vendetta. Her family is all slaughtered and she is left in a shallow grave, left to die. Teaming up with Cullen Travers, a retired bounty...

High Alert

The Project Book 14
By Alex Lukeman

I spent eight years in the military. I was Army Infantry, but a smart infantry soldier can be used anywhere in the army system, so I had a lot of interesting jobs. I worked a lot with the special forces. These guys are different. They...

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His Choice

HIS Series Book 2
By Sheila Kell

Sheila Kell’s His Choice is the second entry in the HIS Series, an engaging blend of sizzling romance with suspense, one of those stories that delight fans who love romance with powerful plots and intense action. AJ Hamilton is a killer. A merciless one. This...

Readers’ Favorite Award Winner

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