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Cookie Johnson

By Tank Gunner

Twenty-one-year-old James Jerome Johnson, or J.J., was a drop out, forced to take a job to support his mother and siblings, but conditions at his work place were getting to him. He joined the army, slipping the recruiter ten dollars to be directed to the...

City on a Hill

By Ted Neill

Jaw-dropping plot twists combine with thoughtful themes to produce an unforgettable read in Ted Neill’s debut novel, City on a Hill. Religious war turned the world to nuclear dust and desert. The remnants of humanity live in the walled cities of Lysander and Fortinbras. Religion...

Contract Pending

A Tale of Crime Romance and Family
By Al Marsiglia

In Contract Pending by Al Marsiglia, readers are treated to a story set in the Bronx, with varied characters from colorful criminal types to Louie Fiore, a simple family man who fixes shoes for a living. When Louie’s son, Frankie, mixes with some of Louie’s...

Crimson Cage

By Tom Howard

The battle between good and evil continues in Crimson Cage by Tom Howard. The police have a hard enough job attempting to save the world from criminals, but when demons are added into the mix, it makes a much stronger foe. Wyatt always knew it...


Book two of the Director series
By Zach Fortier

Cachibache is the second book in the Director series by Zach Fortier, a quick, suspenseful story that is as entertaining as it is intense, a story with a setting that excites readers as much as the exhilarating plot. After admitting that Camp Baroota has been...

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Crocodile Chamber

By Gayendra Abeywardane

Crocodile Chamber by Gayendra Abeywardane is a short, but most intense and unusual read, and is definitely not for everyone. Readers who will be drawn to Crocodile Chamber aren’t afraid of dark stories. They are readers who enjoy reflection that intellectualizes and explores…even if it...

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By Blaine C. Readler

Crusher by Blaine C. Readler is a science fiction novel that would appeal most to a diverse audience of young adults and adults who enjoy alien stories. Darren’s life is forever changed when he finds an alien behind his computer; an alien that had sent...


Clans and Castles
By P.M. Terrell

Checkmate: Clans and Castles by P.M. Terrell is a spellbinding novel that captures a historic moment in Irish history in the early 17th century, exploring the adventures of William Neely, who came to Ireland from Scotland in 1608 in the hope of fighting in King...


The Globur Incursion Book 2
By D. Rebbitt

Contact by D. Rebbitt is book two in The Globur Incursion series. Hours from departing Gateway fleet outpost for his leave, Captain Blout is called in to lead a special fleet mission. The scientists on Planet X5682 have made a discovery that could change history....

Cherry Pickers

By Bonnie Milani

Cherry Pickers by Bonnie Milani is a short story set in the penal colony of Sisyphus. Nikki Sotolongo is 17 years old and, as far as she is concerned, she is no longer a child. She wants her gun license, but her mother isn’t giving...