Fiction - Adventure


The Alien Genome
By H. S. Rivney

In Paradox: The Alien Genome by H.S. Rivney, a team of scientists is stranded on a far away planet with no escape in sight and no aid coming from Earth. Captain Thomas Jackson has no idea how he can help his crew survive starvation and...


A Tale of Moving Pictures Before Hollywood
By Evan Anderson

Downriver: A Tale of Moving Pictures Before Hollywood by Evan Anderson is a historical novel that follows the life of Anne Blackstone, a woman who witnessed the birth of the movie industry, working behind the scenes at a time before Hollywood. She lost her father...


Forbidden Things Book 1
By Nikki McCormack

Nikki McCormack’s Dissident is the first book in the Forbidden Things series, an epic fantasy that is well written and structured. Indigo is a gifted young woman with an extraordinary ascard power, but society only allows her to use a limited amount of her power...

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Animal Graph

(Sci-Fi FANTASY DYSTOPIA) (Graph World Book 1)
By M. Black

Animal Graph by M. Black is a great entry in the Graph World series, a book with a powerful dystopian setting and strong characters. Told in a compelling narrative voice, this novel plunges the reader into a post-war America, where humans — mostly soldiers of...

Heirs of Power

The Constellation Saga Book 1
By Kay MacLeod

Heirs of Power by Kay MacLeod is the first book in The Constellation Saga. Kitty Fairlow has everything she could want: hunting, protecting those she cares about, the peace of the woods she's always known, and an upcoming wedding to her childhood love. After Kitty...

Hoffnungslose Ziele

A Dark Journey of Lost Causes
By Kevin Reinholz

Hoffnungslose Ziele: A Dark Journey of Lost Causes by Kevin Reinholz is set against the backdrop of 19th century Europe, with most of the action taking place in Prussia. The reader is immediately introduced to Anna, a young girl who is excited about her friend....


By M Black

Machine BC001001F2050A has escaped from ImaTech and is on the run. Other Flexbots hunt her through the forest, including BC001230M2054C, her erstwhile friend. But BC001230M2054C, thirty for short, isn’t himself anymore. All the Flexbots who use Exotiqa are different, changed, their individuality washed away by...

The Silver Horn Echoes

A Song of Roland
By Michael Eging, Steve Arnold

The Silver Horn Echoes: A Song of Roland by Michael Eging and Steve Arnold is a book for those who are into well-crafted and tightly plotted historical novels. Set against a turbulent period in the Dark Ages, readers follow compelling and memorable characters in a...

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Fort Sarpy

Volume 2 of the Riverboat series
By Dave Lloyd

I love books with great openings, because the opening is always a promise. But what happens after that determines the storytelling skills of the author. Lyrical and engaging, Fort Sarpy, the second book in the Riverboat series by Dave Lloyd has a gripping opening with...

War Cry

The Riverboat Series Volume 1
By David Lloyd

Up until now my favorite books on the subject of early American life were those of James Fenimore Cooper. The Leather Stocking Series is classic, and few books can compete with its detailed description of both Native American and European life in early America,...