Fiction - Adventure

Fool's Notion

By Lisa J. Flickinger

Fool’s Notion by Lisa J. Flickinger is about a beautiful young red-headed lady, Alda Lealand, who somewhat naively starts out from Missouri with a string of mules, intending to walk them 2,000 miles to Death Valley, California and her uncle who is waiting for her...

Ass, Cash & Grass

Welcome to Cali
By Chad Vegas

Ass, Cash & Grass: Welcome to Cali by Chad Vegas is a great read, after the spellbinding Sex, Drugs & Corruption: Welcome to Peru which explored the adventure of two American carpenters and their unusual ploy to beat a government bent on sinking them. That...

Double Booked

Supernatural Treasure Hunters Series Book 1
By C.J. Anaya

Analise Lavalle is on assignment. Visiting a quaint B&B on Texas’ Galveston Island to write her latest article on hauntings and the paranormal, she is expecting a quiet week and a quick paycheck. Unfortunately, things aren’t what they seem and nothing will go to plan....

Hotsuka's Story

Book 1 of the Dragon Pearl Series
By J F Mehentee

Hotsuka is a Meijin, an immortal incorporeal being tasked with exploring the universe and all the life forms contained in it. Hotsuka's Story by J.F. Mehentee is the first book in the Dragon Pearl series and tells how Hotsuka wakes in the depths of a...

Oz Will Fall

The Royal Marriage
By John Malone and Nicole Delgado

Oz Will Fall: The Royal Marriage by John Malone and Nicole Delgado is a well-imagined and beautifully written fantasy that thrusts the reader into a world of magic, a world with its own rules. Oz was once subjugated to fear and terror by the evil...

The Liquidator

Double Helix
By R. Patricia Wayne

Tight writing, realistic underpinnings of the plot, compelling characters, an exciting setting in the future are just a few of the many elements that readers will enjoy in this spellbinding science fiction story with a gripping and well-managed conflict. In The Liquidator (Double Helix) by...

Superhero Syndrome

Solstice Survivors Book 1
By Caryn Larrinaga

Tess has Solstice Syndrome, a mysterious disease that’s slowly killing her. She doesn’t have much longer to live, and there’s no way she’s going to let her last view on earth be the sterile walls of her hospital room, not when there’s a spectacular meteor...

Lucky or Not, Here I Come

By Gerry Orz

Lucky or Not, Here I Come covers eighty years in the life of John Wilson, the luckiest man in the world, as told by his sister, Jenny Will. This book is truly a saga and almost unbelievable that it was written by Gerry Orz, a...

Peace in the Valley

A Quest for Redemption in the Old West
By John Eric Vining

Peace in the Valley: A Quest for Redemption in the Old West by John Eric Vining is a gripping historical novel that reflects powerful elements of the Civil War. The reader follows the journey of Mark Gamble, one of the best sharpshooters in the Confederate...

United We Fall

By Joseph A Mourgos

United We Fall (The Galactic Community Series, Story #1) by Joseph A. Mourgos is set in the not too distant future, 2061 to be exact. Two aliens races, the Vorelisians and the Thimms, are trying to get Earth on their side for their own agenda....