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Degrees of Love

A Novel
By Lisa Slabach

Degrees of Love by Lisa Slabach is her debut novel, but I would have never guessed that. I was immediately hooked by the story, and I couldn’t stop swiping frantically at my Kindle to see how the story unfolded. We follow Susan Sinclair, a wife,...

Deviant Agendas

By Katherine Smith Dedrick

Deviant Agendas: A Victoria Rodessa Legal Thriller by Katherine Smith Dedrick is Volume 1 of the V-Files. Victoria Rodessa has graduated from law school and has gone to join Acker, Smith & McGowen, one of the top international law firms that pushes female lawyers to...

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Don't Run From Me

The McCabe Brothers Book 3
By Lorhainne Eckhart

Aaron McCabe is a great fighter, but what no one knows is that he uses his fighting to relieve his greatest failure, to excise the wounds from his past that he can't heal nor let go. Tonight is no different, except that his brother Chase...

Don't Catch Me

Chase (The McCabe Brothers Book 2)
By Lorhainne Eckhart

Of all the McCabe brothers, Chase is the one who has always felt the need to fix things, to take care of problems and people and deal with them. So when Chase stops for gas in a remote little place, walking into what looks like...

Don't Stop Me

Vic (The McCabe Brothers Book 1)
By Lorhainne Eckhart

Vic McCabe has come a long way over the years; he is a successful contractor and developer, but there is something missing in his life. He holds almost everyone at a distance, but after the one mistake in his life when he was a teenager,...

Double Trouble

By Darcy Flynn

Double Trouble is the perfect summertime read while relaxing on the beach or lounging on your front porch. Clare, her younger half-sister, Megan, and Will are the energizing main characters of this cheerful, 'get revenge' romantic comedy. Clare has been watching over Megan since their...

Delirious Love

Love on Tour, Book 5
By Kay Harris

Delirious Love is the fifth book in the Love on Tour series, written by Kay Harris. After a stint in rehab for alcohol addiction, friend and lead guitarist, Alonso, is curious about the new addition to Bus One on the tour. Sharyl (Hotness) Harkness heads...

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Dandelions on the Road

Dandelion Series Book 2
By Brooke Williams

Dandelions On The Road is a charming romantic comedy based around a Bachelor-style TV show, except that in this case it's the Bachelorette. Twelve men competing for the attention of one woman, except that they have a thirteenth rival none of them were aware of,...

Dixbury Does Talent

A feel good romantic comedy of love, life, laughter...and dancing!
By Maxine Sinclair

Amy, a hairdresser in Dixbury, comes home to Steve, the man she lived with and then married, to hear him give the "this-is-not-working-for-me" speech and then leave. At first Amy is devastated, but then Gloria, her friend, invites Amy to her ballet class. The...

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Down, Then Up

A Novella
By Beth Labonte

In Down, Then Up by Beth Labonte, we meet Lauren Oswald, who is in Vegas for her sister’s bachelorette party. When her sister and her friends need a drunken late night snack, it’s Lauren who gets put on donut duty. Since making the decision to...