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The Draft
By Bianca Williams

Single mother Bryn Charles can't believe her luck when she signs Shane Smith, Nighthawk player and NFL superstar, to organise a kick ass event. She's never been one for jocks, but there is no denying that Shane has a body to die for, and Jen,...

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She Was Born a Good Girl

An All-Girls Boarding School Story
By Garfield Whyte

She Was Born a Good Girl: An All-Girls Boarding School Story by Garfield Whyte is a novel that explores the psychology of young girls seeking to find themselves in an all-girls’ boarding school, a story with interesting characters and a world that readers will find...

Second Sight

Haunts for Sale Series Book 2
By Kat Green

Sloane is a paranormal real estate agent, confirming that houses are haunted by gentle spirits for potential buyers, and business has been booming ever since Sloane solved the case of the missing women in a small town that turned out to be the work of...

Summer Baby

The Summer Series, Book 3
By Beth Labonte

Summer Baby is the third installment of The Summer Series, written by Beth Labonte. Against all odds, Summer Hartwell and Graham Blenderman have finally tied the knot, but are having trouble conceiving a child. When Summer’s mother embarrassingly stumbles onto their little secret, Summer’s life...

Silver Threads

By Bette Lee Crosby

“On the day Jennifer Green was born, a pile of stones was placed alongside her scale of life.” The Keeper of the Scales was glad to see into Jennifer’s future: married to Drew Bishop, mother of Brooke. The Bishops were destined to lead a happy,...

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See Mommy Run

By Laura Kennedy

Margie McDougal is the unhappy mommy in Laura Kennedy’s book, See Mommy Run. Every woman who has, or ever has had, teenagers growing up will recognise her. Margie and Mike, both with full time jobs that bore them, but just about keep the household financially...

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See You Later Broadway

Broadway Series Book 2
By Melissa Baldwin

See You Later Broadway by Melissa Baldwin is book two in the Broadway Series, and while I did not read book one, I had no problems jumping right into this story and making friends with Maris. Maris has recently moved to New York City with...

Slouch Witch

The Lazy Girl's Guide To Magic Book 1
By Helen Harper

Slouch Witch by Helen Harper is book one of The Lazy Girl's Guide to Magic series. Ivy Wilde prefers lounging on her sofa to doing anything strenuous; add a warm cup of tea and her grouchy feline familiar and it's her ideal perfect day. Too...

Summer at Sunset

The Summer Series, Book 2
By Beth Labonte

Summer at Sunset is the second comedy romance novel in the Summer Series, written by Beth Labonte. After meeting Graham Blenderman on a cruise ship two years ago, Summer Hartwell is dreading her upcoming nuptials which are only weeks away. With a free wedding won...

Seeds of Intention

By Andrea Thome

Garrett Oliver thinks he has his life all in order – a great job working in the heirloom gardens of a premier resort in Tennessee and a girlfriend he hopes will accept his proposal of marriage in Seeds of Intention by Andrea Thome. Things don’t...

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