Fiction - Chick Lit

The Bulletproof Proposal

A Novelette
By Rebekah Louise

The Bulletproof Proposal by Rebekah Louise is a short and sweet romantic novella. With this being a novella length read, I wondered if I would be able to connect with the story, as sometimes I can struggle to become invested in novellas because they seem...

The Reluctant Cowgirl

A Romantic Comedy (Taming the Cowboy's Heart)
By Renee Riva

In The Reluctant Cowgirl: Taming the Cowboy's Heart by Renee Riva, Amy’s Aunt Polly leaves her a cottage, which was surprising to her since they had not seen each other for years. As she travels from Seattle to Wishram, Amy Landers’ goal is simple: sell...

The Traveling Sex Game

By Calvin Anthony Lang

Calvin Anthony Lang gives erotica an imaginative spin in The Traveling Sex Game that’ll have readers viewing the luggage carousel at an airport the next time they travel in a whole different light! Cub reporter for a small-town local paper, The Record Searchlight, Calvin Anthony...

The Royal Treatment

A Crown Jewels Romantic Comedy, Book 1
By Melanie Summers, MJ Summers

A fun frolic down Fantasy Lane is the best way I think I could possibly describe The Royal Treatment by Melanie Summers. This is an out and out funny, chick-lit read with no pretensions of being anything else. Tessa Sharpe, a twenty-eight-year-old former journalist, has...

The Nature of Entangled Hearts

By Emma Hartley

Emma Hartley's The Nature of Entangled Hearts is a compelling contemporary romance that reveals the author as a master craftswoman of irresistible stories. Elwyn Derringer, a ceramic artist and professor at a college in Portland, Maine, is a strong woman to those who look at...

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The Afterlife Coach

By Susan E. Paul

How do you feel about unexpected visitors? At one time, random company would not have bothered Claire. After the death of her husband, though, Claire faces a life alone with no surprise visitors and the impending departure of her college age twins. Alone except for...

The Monday Girl

The Girl Duet, Part 1
By Julie Johnson

Very early in life, Katharine Firestone realized her existence was jaded beyond repair. Daughter of a ruthless Hollywood agent, Kat’s earliest memories are filled with hours of toe-bleeding ballet, ridiculous figure conscious dieting, and extreme routines not normal for any normal child. If her mother,...

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The Leftover

By Brooke Williams

“You want me to do what?” Megan Malone would do anything for her sister, Molly, but she needed clarification on this rather bizarre request. Molly was the adventurous one. The athletic, social daredevil. Megan was thrilled when her sister’s desire to join the ranks of...

To Say Goodbye

By Lindsay Detwiler

To Say Goodbye by Lindsay Detwiler is a gem in the contemporary romance genre, a story that features two complex characters and interesting, moving themes. Sophia and Jackson are both characters who have suffered untold heartaches and their past seems to have left deep imprints...

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The Spark

A Carolina Connections Novel
By Sylvie Stewart

Sylvie Stewart’s The Spark is another entry in the Carolina Connections series, a book I judged by its cover and one that turned out to be a perfect read in the romance category, a love story that is character-driven and so tightly written that readers...

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