Fiction - Chick Lit

Winters Day

By DM Wolfenden

Winters Day by DM Wolfenden is a great entry in the chick lit category, a story that follows the friendship between two cousins, Jolie and Debbie. The bond between the cousins is stronger than that between family members, but they are two distinct personalities. While...

What It Is

By Kit Sergeant

When the only men who fall in front of you are dead, then you either have a problem, or you work in a morgue - or both as it is the case for Lexi, the protagonist of What It Is by Kit Sergeant. The young...

Wrong Turn, Right Guy

By Haylie B. Fox

Wrong Turn, Right Guy is a romantic adventure written by Haylie B. Fox. Teresa (Tessa) Vadney had worked very hard at the law firm, not taking a single holiday in over twelve years, in the hopes of making partner. Instead, she is fired from her...

Where We Belong

Time Between
By Lori W. Duncan

Where We Belong: Time Between is written by Lori W. Duncan. When Addyson Caldwell lands a job as a tour guide, she is delighted. In addition to her being pleased at successfully landing a summer job, she will also be away from home for the...


By Andrea Thome

India Evans had everything she could ever have dreamed of. A fantastic job on one of the nation’s highest ranking television new shows. A gorgeous fiancé who even exceeded her notoriety. They were the beautiful couple followed by an adoring audience who shared in the...

Winter Can Wait

Seasons of Summer Novella Series Book 2
By Melissa Baldwin

In Winter Can Wait by Melissa Baldwin, Alexander and Summer have been dating for some time and they are moving forward to the next level, but both of them have baggage that they have brought to the relationship. Summer was left on the beach in...

White Lake

By Susan Amond Todd

White Lake is a contemporary women's fiction novel written by Susan Amond Todd. Cynthia Lewis's life had been poised on the brink of new and exciting changes. Some were undoubtedly bittersweet, such as driving her son, Christopher, to his new dorm and knowing he was...

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Wedding Haters

Event to Remember Series Book 2
By Melissa Baldwin

Wedding Haters follows Madison Wales and her comedian fiance as they plan out their perfect wedding. I mean, c'mon, it is every woman's dream to plan and plot the PERFECT day filled with perfect moments. Madison is on track to that perfect day, thanks to...

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Whatever It Takes

By Margaret Lynette Sharp

Whatever It Takes by Margaret Lynette Sharp follows the story of Lisa, a teaching student who is living in London while taking her exams. She is nursing feelings of heartache from her first love, rejection from her father who banished her, and loss in the...

Wild Raspberries

By Connie Chappell

Connie Chappell's Wild Raspberries is a story about what happens to secrets after a person’s death. It is about the repercussions of those secrets to the women still living. When Jack Sebring dies, he leaves behind a wife and a lover. His lover, Callie, promised...

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