Fiction - New Adult

Don't Let Him Go

I Want Morrison, Book 1
By Kay Harris

Don't Let Him Go by Kay Harris is book one in the contemporary romance series I Want Morrison, a well-crafted and powerful story of love, family, and what it takes to balance work and romance. Candace Gleason has just passed her bar exams and landed...

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Groupie, Volume 2 of 2
By Susan Daugherty

Muse by Susan Daugherty is Book 2 of the Groupie Series. Jackson, the country and western superstar, is on tour with his physical therapist, Lexie, and both are trying to mend broken hearts. What should have been a happy ending for them ended with a...

Too Nice a Guy?

By Keith David Harris

Too Nice a Guy? is a contemporary fiction novel written by Keith David Harris. Kevin Whidbey’s life hadn’t turned out exactly how he had hoped it would. He had married the gorgeous girl he fell in love with, graduated from law school, passed the bar...

Hart Broken

A Wounded Hero Romance
By Annie Arcane

Mickey rarely drinks, but when she does, there is no telling what will happen. Although beholden to strict self-inflicted dating rules, sometimes a girl has to do what a girl has to do in order to mentally and emotionally block the curve balls life throws....

The Violet Eyed

The Occuli, Book Two
By Christie M. Stenzel

The Violet Eyed is the second book in The Occuli series, written by Christie M. Stenzel. After having dreams about a stranger, Violet Kingsley comes face to face with the boy in her dreams at school, in the form of Drake. While their chance encounters...

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Waking The Dead

Soul Broker, 1
By D. B. Sieders

Waking the Dead by D.B. Sieders is the story of Vivian Bedford, starting with the strangest day of her life, a day when she miraculously survives a car crash, but only to witness the death of a man. Vivian's life isn't an easy one. Her...

The Enchanted Swans

By Christy Nicholas

The Enchanted Swans by Christy Nicholas is a retelling of an ancient Irish tale, The Children of Lir. Fionnuala is a fae princess in pre-Celtic Ireland, who was raised to honor her duty and to put everything, even love, second to her title. When her...

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Wanions of the Wicked

The Supernatural London Underground Book Three
By Romarin Demetri

Wanions of the Wicked by Romarin Demetri is the third book in The Supernatural London Underground series. Beginning with a storm, Row and her friends know this is the start of what they have been waiting for. The time has come for them to take...

When the Sun was Mine

By Darlene Jones

Brittany Wright's life isn't going as she hoped. She can't afford to go to college, despite graduating as valedictorian of her class, and is stuck in a small town, working as a cleaner at Happy Hearts Nursing Home. The job goes wrong from day one...

Inborn Magic

Hidden Coven Series, Book 1
By Kim McDougall

Inborn Magic is the first novella in the Hidden Coven Series, written by Kim McDougall. After a fire-lighting spell goes awry, Bobbi Cole lies paralyzed, but conscious, at her home. Her rescuers come in the form of Quinn and Abilene Mason, who’d sensed the witch...