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NASA's 1st Mission to Mars - For What?!!!

By Michael and Danny D'Agostino

NASA's 1st Mission to Mars — For What?!!! by Michael and Danny D'Agostino is a satirical comedy that answers the question: Why spend billions to send someone to a planet as harsh as Mars and why send someone who is not a career astronaut, but...

Moonstroke II

Alien Territory
By Blaine C. Readler

Moonstroke II: Alien Territory by Blaine C Readler continues the saga of Kaitlyn and her nexgen companion. Kaitlyn feels disoriented on Earth and disturbed at how U-P tries to force her into admitting that the space station personnel was at fault for their own abandonment,...

Beyond Yesterday

Beyond Saga #3
By Greg Spry

Beyond Yesterday is the third book in the Beyond Saga by Greg Spry, a compelling sci-fi tale with well-imagined and excellently executed characters. Commander Maya Davis should be the happiest person after getting a new promotion in the interstellar spaceflight, but despair begins to settle...

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Welcome to the Apocalypse - CyberNexis (Book 2)

By D L Richardson

I liked Welcome to the Apocalypse: CyberNexis Book 2 by DL Richardson. I have seen the idea of a game that turns into a struggle in the real world before. It is by no means a new idea, but no book or movie has really...

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The Blood Will Dry

By Kate L. Mary

The Blood Will Dry by Kate L. Mary is a post-apocalyptic novel that goes beyond the generic zombies that seem to have taken over this whole genre. It is refreshingly terrifying and sometimes too real for comfort, but all of these things make this novel...

Realm of Wolves

Child of Prophecy I (Volume 1)
By Thomas Parrott

Realm of Wolves is the first book in the Child of Prophecy series by Thomas Parrott, a story that, in the tradition of the Athenian tragedy by Sophocles, Oedipus Rex, features a king over whose head hangs a deadly prophecy: his life and kingdom would...

The Korpes File

The 942 Series Book 1
By J. I. Rogers

I really enjoyed The Korpes File by J.I. Rogers. I just like a book where a likable outcast takes on a tired socioeconomic system and I have to say, for me, a guy like Tech Nash X. Korpes is as likable a character as they...

Dark Web Rising

By Eugene T Schurter

Dark Web Rising: Elastic Society Theory Part 1 by Eugene T Schurter is a captivating and fascinating sci-fi thriller with a futuristic feel. With cyber world espionage as the theme, the author reaches out to the current generation and introduces them to Stewart, who...

Chroma: Imogen's Secret

Chroma Book One
By B Fleetwood

Reading B Fleetwood's Chroma: Imogen's Secret, the first volume in the Chroma series, is like taking in a breath of fresh air. Yet, the story of Imogen will keep readers on their toes throughout the entire book. Imogen Reiner, a 17-year-old young woman, has deep...


By C. F. Waller

Her life had been spiraling out of control for a while now, but it had come to a head, and Stacy was ready to make it all go away. Although her idea of making it go away involved murder, suicide and arson. Luckily maybe for...