Fiction - Social Issues


A Novel
By Carl Sever

Alphonse, a first novel by Carl Sever, is unusual, somewhat strange, even occasionally confusing…and yet, despite all that, it’s also unforgettable because of its unique approach, engaging plot line and powerful characterization. Alphonse is actually “Jimmy from the South”, a soft-hearted hobo who goes out...

The Wolves Within Our Walls

By L.E. Flinders

The Wolves Within Our Walls by L.E. Flinders is a psychological suspense novel about living with a facade, one that hides a horrific monster beneath. Zoe Wilkes lives an average life, working as a waitress and living with her roommate, Ben. One night, she is...

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Betrayal of Justice

A Zachary Blake Betrayal Legal Thriller
By Mark M. Bello

Betrayal of Justice, the taut new legal thriller by Mark M. Bello, is positively chilling in its political acuity. Ronald John, the newly-elected President of the United States and poster boy of white Christians the country over, is about to put into action his campaign...

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By Amber Anderson Smith, Marissa Williams, Rachel Rankins, Alexis Walters

As the seasons unfold in the sleepy, picturesque town of Springfield, residents prepare for the fate of their beloved Mighty Oak. The memories and emotions surrounding that giant tree in the center of town make the decision to fell the beloved tree more than difficult....


By Corey Campbell

Jetsam by Corey Mattingly is a realistic novel about the lives of today’s teenagers in the developed world. Jetsam is a simple story, but it tells some hard-hitting truths. Jetsam starts off as the musings and thoughts of a fairly typical middle-class young white American...

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Short Fuse

A Short Tale of Abuse, Betrayal and Revenge
By Clabe Polk

Short Fuse: A Short Tale of Abuse, Betrayal and Revenge by Clabe Polk tells the story of Ken Handly, a man who thinks he owns the world, or rather perhaps that the world owes him. Dismissing his marriage to Katherine as inconsequential and unworthy of...

The Prodigy Slave

Book One Journey to Winter Garden
By Londyn Skye

The Prodigy Slave: Journey to Winter Garden is the first book in a series by Londyn Skye, a story that combines pathos, passion, and an exceptional storytelling craft to transport readers to the world of a teenage girl sold into slavery by her own father....

Gifts Unexpected

By T.C. Grant

“Relax, Adela, it’s probably nothing,” is what she told herself that morning. The little lump hiding on the side of Adela's left breast had not been there only weeks ago. At least she was not aware of it. And her last mammogram had been normal....

30 Red Dresses

Freedom Novella
By Johan Twiss

Johan Twiss is the author of 30 Red Dresses: Freedom Novella, an international thriller novella. Veata was content with celebrating her birthday on her own, after all, she was now eight. The young Cambodian had been orphaned at the age of six and was living...

The Hater

By Dez Haidley

The Hater is a short story about judgmental loathing in a multicultural society, written by Dez Haidley. A man frequently sees a beautiful woman at the local bus stop, engaging in conversation with those around her, but he cannot hear her words. He hates her...