Fiction - Southern

Return to Porter's Hollow

By Yvonne Schuchart

A woman visiting her North Carolina family is brushed off by the small town's law enforcement when she claims to witness a beast, fitting the description of a local urban legend, mauling her father and brother in the spine-chilling supernatural novel, Return to Porter's Hollow...


By Tolar Miles

Delta by Tolar Miles is a Southern novel. Delta's life has never been boring. She's a single mom raising her son, Mason, with the help of friends and his father, Calvin, nicknamed the Devil. When one of her best friends claims she saw Calvin with...

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Jimmy Prophet's Library

By John W. Milor

When your favourite secret playground has been vandalised with a sign that reads "Archaeological Site #238, do not disturb, official archaeological research," what's a boy to do? He goes in, of course. After all, Jim had already survived a strange encounter with a being not...

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On the Bricks

By Penni Jones

On the Bricks, set in the small town of West Plains, Arkansas, is the debut novel from Penni Jones. And from the opening chapters, the hopelessness of a drug-fuelled, dead-end existence for the main characters seeps uncomfortably, yet convincingly from the pages. Ms. Jones’...

The Lies That Bind

DarkHorse Trilogy, Book 1
By Ed Protzel

The Lies That Bind is a stunning opening in the DarkHorse Trilogy by Ed Protzel, a gripping tale for fans of Southern fiction, and a story of deceit, slavery, and dangerous complicities. The trickster Durksen Hurst returns to Mississippi after being away for a long...

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Rooks of the Raven

By Franklin Neal

You might be tempted, as I was, to toss Rooks of the Raven by Franklin Neal aside after the first couple of chapters because of what appears to be some incoherence in descriptions, and dialogue that’s occasionally difficult to follow. But persevere. While I’m not...

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Aunt Sookie and Me

The Sordid Tale of a Scandalous Southern Belle
By Michael Scott Garvin

Thirteen-year-old Poppy Wainwright’s mother is a drug addict and drunk who roams the United States, leaving Poppy to be raised by her Grandma Lainey in Arkansas. When Lainey dies, Poppy is sent to live with her grandmother’s sister in Savannah. Aunt Sookie is an abrasive...

The Regrets of Cyrus Dodd

By Bette Lee Crosby

The Regrets of Cyrus Dodd by Bette Lee Crosby is a wonderful tale of life and regret. Cyrus Dodd promised Ruth that he would give her a life she would love. The trouble is, he has a lot of pride and we all know that...

Clemenceau's Daughters

By Rocky Porch Moore

Clemenceau's Daughters by Rocky Porch Moore is an eerie, Southern Gothic novel that details the blood-soaked legacy behind cracks of innocence. The book is separated into three parts. The first part introduces Debbie, a young girl with a strange ability that has led to the...

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Award Winner

Wide Plank Porches

By Laura Frances

I cried, I laughed, I smiled - I couldn’t put down Wide Plank Porches. I am a southerner, though I was born and lived many years in the north as a Yankee; but in Wide Plank Porches I could see friends and neighbors and God’s...

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