Poetry - General

Cold Sober

By Theresa Sopko

Theresa Sopko's Cold Sober is a collection of poetry that revolves around that theme we all know so well when it comes to poets and when it comes to life in general. Love. These are NOT the trite and rhyming sort of poems that make...

Diary of a Poet

By Elizabeth Diane Daniel

Elizabeth Diane Daniel’s poetry collection, Diary of a Poet, is full of so much sad beauty. Short and to the point, the poems say more than any two-page or page-long poem could possibly ever say. We are given a small window into the struggles of...

Poet King

By Jaffa Truex

Jaffa Truex's collection, Poet King, is the telling of a long scale of haphazard emotions that we all feel as beings in the human race. For each poem there is a picture of either something concrete, a cartoon, someone in particular, or of clever dialogue...

The Slums of Nightfall

By William Wright Jr.

William Wright Jr.’s The Slums of Nightfall reads like a modern version of a collection of works by Edgar Allan Poe, but not by any means in a cheap, knockoff sort of way. This is brilliance in words. If there ever was a book that...

Here Comes the Sun

Travel Poetry Written by Katie Lewington
By Katie Lewington

In Katie Lewington’s Here Comes the Sun, the collection focuses on one summer of traveling that the author embarked upon. As readers we can guess a bit at the exact locations, with the only hints being the use of the words “Euro” and “Europe.” Although...


By Katie Lewington

This short collection of poems entitled Popcorn by Katie Lewington is engaging. The verses that abound in this compilation center around a theme, food, and the author’s eating habits. There may be a word or two that will make Americans scratch their heads. One of...

The Boat to Lullaby Bay

A Collection of Lullabies and a Counting Poem
By J.R.Poulter

There is nothing more soothing than a comforting lullaby. The gentle lyrics, often set to a simple tune, have lulled infants to sleep for centuries. Mothers everywhere make up their own little ditties. Some have survived through the generations and there are definitely some that...


All of the Ways In Which I Am Black
By Sami Arlenis-Frederick

Sami Arlenis-Frederick’s poetry collection, Drapetomania, is palpable, as though the words themselves are breathing on the page, they have a heat to them, a realness like no other I’ve come across. Some of the lines are described in such a way that it literally makes...

Keep Me Wild

By Raquel Franco

Raquel Franco’s Keep Me Wild has a delightful way of connecting to the reader and consequently we are left with a different experience after reading each poem in this collection. Her poetry touches on love, heartbreak, and rising above to find strength in yourself. She...

Catching a Dream

An Illustrated Allegorical Ballad for All Ages
By J.R. McRae

Catching a Dream by J.R. McRae is a single poem about the wonders of childhood, and the dreams that surrounded us while we were growing up. The poem begins with a child who catches a bright, shining orb. The child lets it go, as the...