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I Remember Quan Loi

By David L. Bedard

David L. Bedard served in Vietnam in for one year, returning home in 1970. He knew he was a different person even though no one else seemed to notice. Quan Loi had changed him. Years later, he decided to find a quiet place in which...

S.O.S. for PMS

Practical Help and Relief for Moms
By Mary M. Byers

I remember well those days when I felt irritable, bloated, headachy, and out of sorts. I did not know why I felt that way until I started a journal. That was when I saw the monthly cycle. Author Mary Byers brings knowledge and wisdom to this...

Saddle Up Your Own White Horse

5 Principles Every Woman Needs to Know
By Saundra Pelletier

Saddle Up Your Own White Horse purports five principles for “Every Woman.”   The principles: ·         “Creating your own happiness ·         Two unique gifts ·         Leadership ·         Sticking together ·         Confidence, Credit and Comfort” This book offers some interesting advice for young single women. My basic criticism of this book would be...

Universe Gods jewel

By Nick Kostovic

Universe God’s jewel covers a lot of material. I’m not a doctor or scientist and do not feel qualified to comment on the content of this book. It is my hope that Nick Kostovic is correct in his findings. The cover is eye-catching. Kostovic has several...

Creating Our Pilgrimage

By Loretta Pitilli

Loretta Pitilli speaks from the depth of her soul, sharing her experiences throughout her lifetime. She successfully shares her memories and emotions. One of the first things I grasped when I read Creating Our Pilgrimage was Pitilli’s appreciation of life; this is evident in her...

Last Shall Be The First, The

By Dr. Charles N. Smith

In January 2009, Barack Obama will be inaugurated as the President of the The United States. Dr. Charles N. Smith was a strong supporter of President Elect Obama. He presents his reasons in a well-organized manner. My one criticism is the continued use of the...

A Highlander Never Surrenders

By Paula Quinn

This is the second book in a Highlander series. The characters are delightful. We have a heroine throwing rocks at the hero and a hero that can speak with wit. Clare is a well trained warrior. Graham doesn’t mind that his...

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A Rather Curious Engagement

By C.A. Belmond

In C.A. Belmond’s sequel to A Rather Lovely Inheritance, Penny and Jeremy decide to splurge on a yacht, not just any yacht. At an auction, they win the 1926, 35 meter Liesl’s Dream, complete with teak wood and six luxury bedrooms. Unfortunately, someone steals the...

A Summer Affair

By Elin Hilderbrand

As I read A Summer Affair, certain aspects of Claire Danner Crispin’s personality stood out. She has trouble saying “no”. If someone asks her to do something, she takes on the responsibility. Claire is a successful artist. She is the chair of the Nantucket’s Children...

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Almost Guilty

By Isabel Mere

Reading Almost Guilty is like being transported back in time to the early 1800’s. Jacie Fielding dreams of becoming a doctor. From the beginning, you know she not a typical female. She has taken refuge in London, fearing she will be accused of a murder...

An Introduction To Love and Self

By Joan Vassar

Seven’s childhood was not easy. His mother sold her body to provide food and shelter. She would send him outside to stand in front of the building while she met with a customer. She loved him but knew she was a lousy mother. Seven’s temper...

Autumn In Cranky Otter

Book 4
By C.J. Winters

I have to admit that I did an internet search on Cranky Otter, Arkansas to see if the town really existed. I wanted to visit this town on my next vacation. C.J. Winters brings this fictional town to life along with its citizens. Danica’s Antiques was...

Between The Sheets

By Robin Wells

Female Butler, Emma Jamison, was minding her own business ,running the household, when the Vice President of the United States died of a heart attack in one of the upstairs bedrooms. The Secret Service insisted she leave the house. A photographer snapped her picture. She...

Border Lord's Bride, The

By Bertrice Small

Ewan MacArthur, Laird of Lochearn, raised his beautiful, fiery haired granddaughter, Ellen MacArthur to be practical. She is intelligent, taught and knows how to run a keep. His plan for her was to spend her life at Lochearn contentedly married to Donald MacNab. However, Gavin...

Bounty on the Rebel's Heart

Incognito Series Book 3
By Karen Wiesner

This is the third book in the Incognito Series.  The bases of the series is the covert organization The Network.  Members of the network basically no longer exist to the world.  Only an elite few know of the organization and oversee it.

Rebel‘s mission was destruction...

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Catch A Falling Star

By Jan Minter

In Catch A Falling Star, shortly before his grandmother’s death, Josh returns to his home town of Star. On her death bed, his grandmother had two requests:  help Star and finish the heirloom quilt. He turns to Anabelle for help with the quilt. As Anabelle touched...

Dame SapphireTreasures

By Nancy Pirri

The Sheriff Takes a Bride The setting is Harmon Junction, Minnesota, July 2000. An ad in the paper read that Harmon Junction was looking for brides. Summer arrived in Harmon to “rescue” her younger sister, Autumn. However, she has already married a farmer and is happily...

Dear John

By Norma L. Betz

Susanna protected herself by keeping everyone at arm’s length. It was not until after the death of her aunt that she realized how much she loved her. Susanna and her faithful companion, Quincy, returned to Massachusetts to settle the estate. Letters from Abigail Adams dated...

Divorcing Dwayne

By J.L. Miles

Divorcing Dwayne opens with a bang, a double barreled bang. Francine is in jail for shooting at Dwayne and his lover. She not only caught them in bed together but in HER bed. Fortunately or maybe unfortunately she missed both of...

Ethans Flight

By Victoria Trout and Penelope West

Boston, 1853: Sixteen-year-old Ethan Adams, is framed for the murder of Cynthia Bledsoe. He was arrested, tried, and found guilty. He declared his innocence even though he admitted it was his knife. Edward is determined his younger brother will not hang for a crime he...