Children - Picture Book

Gellini's Special Gift

By Colleen Whalen Johnson

It is little Gellini's birthday and she's getting one of the best gifts of them all: her very own big black clown shoes with a polka dot bow on top. Now she can perform in the Big Top with her parents! But it turns out...

Groundhog Secrets

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Woodchucks
By Lieve Snellings

Take your children and your whole family on an adventure with Margot the groundhog in Groundhog Secrets: Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Woodchucks by Lieve Snellings. Margot will use her witty humor and her extended family members to teach you all about the...

Gorgeous Ruth

By Albert Chang

Meet gorgeous Ruth as she is called in the story Gorgeous Ruth by Albert Chang. Ruth chips her tooth while sitting by the sea. She smiles daintily and her tea cup, which is porcelain, cracks. She spills some tea, but is unfazed. Ruth takes a...

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Gregory the Spider

Romping through the Year
By Cynthia Dreeman Meyer

Gregory the Spider: Romping through the Year is a children’s picture book written by Cynthia Dreeman Meyer and illustrated by Marina Saumell. Gregory the Spider doesn’t have a favorite month; he loves them all. In this brightly colored and cheerful book that explores those things...

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Giggle a Little Giggle

By V.A. Trafton

Giggle a Little Giggle by V.A. Trafton is a fun read with a good message that will take young readers into the world of a little girl who giggles at everything. It is a beautiful day and, as she watches skateboarders and roller skaters whiz...

Getting Home

By J.R. Poulter

Getting Home by J.R. Poulter and Muza Ulasowski is an interesting and educational book for children that revolves around polar bears and how global warming is slowly making them an endangered species. Little Polar Bear is looking for his mother, brother, Gunar, and best friend,...

Gary the Garbage Can

By Jim Bayer

Gary the Garbage Can by Jim Bayer is a fun children's book about a garbage can named Gary. One day, Gary and his friend, Smitty the goat, are going frog-catching at the pond. Along the way, they pass a snake named Olive. Smitty wants to...

Go To Sleep!

By Marion Adams

Go to Sleep! by Marion Adams is a fun children's book about a young sheep named Tansy. Tansy is having trouble sleeping. It is the middle of the night, and yet she is wide awake. Tansy wakes up her mother and asks her what...

Good Too Too and Bad Too Too

By Michael Verrett

Good Too Too and Bad Too Too by Michael Verrett is a fun story about twin brothers called Good Too Too and Bad Too Too. Good Too Too was very good, he was polite and helped with chores, he went to bed on time, and...

Good Morning Baby Boy

The Early Ed Series Book 3
By D.A. Batrowny

Good Morning Baby Boy (The Early Ed Series Book 3) by D.A. Batrowny is the adorable story of a cute little baby boy’s observations of a day. He hears the birds singing and the sun is shining. The bunnies are hopping and the bees are...