Children - Picture Book

Pharaoh's Arrow

By George Neeb

Pharaoh's Arrow is an historical picture book written and illustrated by George Neeb. Akia and her father moved far from the River Nile after Akia’s mother was eaten by a crocodile. Her father was so wracked by grief that he never wanted to even see...

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12 Months of Rhymes and Smiles
By Patricia Furstenberg

Puppy: 12 Months of Rhymes and Smiles is a dog lover’s delight. Written by Patricia Furstenberg, Puppy deals with the many reasons people bring a puppy into their lives. Not only does it deal with a puppy’s initial reaction to its new home, but this...

Paisley the Goat

By Rocio Monroy

Paisley the Goat by Rocio Monroy is a colorful children’s illustrated story for kids who are learning their numbers. A goat named Paisley cannot sleep, no matter what he tries. You can probably relate if you have kids and the little ones won’t lie down...

Please Follow the Rules

Life Lessons Series
By Glenda Peele

Please Follow the Rules (Mrs Glenda's Book Nook) by Glenda Peele is a charming and educational story of a family that lives on a farm and what happens when one of the children disobeys his mom and mayhem ensues. Mr. and Mrs. Brown have three...

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Principal Sam Gets Fit

By Dr. Paul Semendinger

Principal Sam Gets Fit! by Paul Semendinger, Ed.D. is an adorable and informative story for children of all ages. The story begins with Principal Sam waking up on the morning of November 1 and feeling queasy. He had been to many Halloween parties the previous...


Adventures of An Expat Dog
By Jackie Clark Mancuso

What does a dog do to adapt to new surroundings in a strange country? How does he communicate past hello and goodbye? Paris-Chien (Adventures of An Expat Dog) by Jackie Clark Mancuso is a cute children's book about Hudson, a fun-loving terrier that relocates to...

Priscilla and the Sandman

By Anders Roseberg

It can be hard to get little children to go to sleep. They hear about the Boogie Man, the Sandman and the Monster under the bed, so what is a child to do to drift off peacefully? Priscilla and the Sandman by Anders Roseberg is...

Pickles, Pickles, I Like Pickles

By Brigitte Brulz

Pickles, Pickles, I Like Pickles by Brigitte Brulz is the story of a young boy who likes pickles. He is curious to know if pickles grow on pickle trees. He plants the seeds he has bought with his mother when they went out. They water...

Polly and the Peaputts On the Move

By Rodo Sofranac

Polly and the Peaputts On The Move by Rodo Sofranac is an illustrated children’s story about the Peaputt people: what they like to do, their favorite means of travel, etc. Theirs is a color-filled, fast-moving world with roads made of edible things. The story later...


A Lonely, Little Lovebird Down Under
By Remi Nicole

Peck: A Lonely, Little Lovebird Down Under is an animal picture book for children written by Remi Nicole and illustrated by Mabel Chong. Peck was the tiniest bird in the forest, but he definitely had the biggest heart. He loved to chirp and sing his...