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My Birthday Cake Needs A New Home

An engaging entertaining picture book for children in preschool or ages 6-8
By Chris Stead

In the storybook My Birthday Cake Needs A New Home by Chris Stead, readers are introduced to a little girl and her mother, who has baked a big birthday cake for her. The cake is so big that they cannot finish it and it does...

My Mama Loves Me

I'm Her Little Girl
By Shanalee Sharboneau

Israel Dilean’s illustrations throughout Shanalee Sharboneau's picture book, My Mama Loves Me: I’m Her Little Girl, have a timeless look that complements the words incredibly well. And those words have a rhythm that makes rhyme superfluous, popular though it is with children who enjoy having...

Military Friends ABC

By Tony Hunter

Military Friends ABC by Tony Hunter is an educational and interactive book with a military inspired theme that teaches children the letters of the alphabet in an engaging and entertaining way. Using military vehicles, ships, and aircraft, the author introduces young readers to military vehicles...

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Mikey and the Swamp Monster

By Jeanne Moran

Mikey and the Swamp Monster is an imaginative tale of an ordinary boy who transforms into a superhero to rid the house of the swamp monster. Equipped with his monster-stopper kit, Mikey watches as the swamp monster approaches the front door of his house. With...

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Mama's Masquerade

By J.R.Poulter

Mama’s Masquerade by J.R. Poulter is an adorable story about a little girl’s observation about her mother. The little girl thinks her mother is the master of disguise, so smart and clever that she need not reinvent herself. She thinks her mother is just perfect...

Moi, Elle and La Le

Poodle Triplets Go Glam!
By J.R.Poulter

Moi, Elle, and La Le: Poodle Triplets Go Glam by J.R. Poulter is about three little poodles who are pretty, cute, and smart and who can steal anybody’s heart. The three sisters loved the way they dressed with matching bows and collars, and the color...

Max's Day at School

A Horse Valley Adventure (Book 3)
By Liana-Melissa Allen

Some children experience first day of school jitters, especially if it's a new school. Max's Day at School: A Horse Valley Adventure (Book 3) by Liana-Melissa Allen is a colorful children’s picture book about challenges and anxiety. Brothers Max and Lax and their friend, Donkey,...

Mister D

A Children's Picture Book About Overcoming Doubts and Fears
By Elizabeth Stevens

Poor Julie. Even though she practices a lot for her upcoming karate test, she just can’t perform in front of other people or animals. She just couldn’t do the flying side kick when others were watching. Her favorite Aunt Mary told Julie about Mister D,...

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Mister Spunky and Farley

Based Roughly On A True Story, Mister Spunky and His Friends
By Kelly Preston

Mister Spunky and Farley by Kelly Preston is a fun children's book about a dog named Mister Spunky. One day, Mister Spunky is driving along in his convertible when he sees a lost-looking dog. Mister Spunky pulls over and asks if he is all right....

My Dad Has a Beard

By Kellen Roggenbuck

What is it like to have a beard? What kinds of wonderful things can you do with a beard? My Dad Has A Beard by Kellen Roggenbuck is a fun children's book about a little boy's daddy's beard. Dad has a beard. His beard is...