Methuselah's Pillar

By W. G. Griffiths

Hakeem, a simple shepherd, discovered an incredible archeology find in a crevasse in Afghanistan. He had taken refuge in the fissure that had opened due to missile fire. The first thing that caught his attention was two steps leading to a flat stone that looked...

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Mark Penn Goes to War

A Sequel to The Bootlegger's Secret
By Michael Springer

It's March 1942, three months after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor bringing American into World War II. Twelve-year-old Mark Penn is playing war, honing his skills to one day be a marine. Out near the old Beck place, he sees something that at first...


By Paul bennett

Ex-mercenary Gianni Gordini, now known as Johnny Silver, and his friend Bull is living in quite partial seclusion on a small Caribbean island trying to keep away from some bad Russian’s that would like to see the dead. When Johnny Silver's brother, Carlo, the head...

Mighty McCords, The

By Kenneth E. Morris

This exciting saga starts with the mighty Mike McCord.  When we first meet Mike he is an eight year old orphan in New York City.  Mike is bigger and stronger than other children his age.  He is an exceptional young man that others are drawn...