Fiction - Drama

Not My Idea

By Bethany Swafford

In Not My Idea by Bethany Swafford, Lucas (aka Luke) has just returned home to Bywood Hall, the family estate. He’s been on a grand tour of Europe. As the second son, he is not expected to take over his father’s estate. With his own...

A Heart of Woe

By Alexander Kimble

A Heart of Woe is the first book in a series by Alexander Kimble. Rion Joyce is near to receiving his inheritance and, as his 18th birthday comes up, he rejoices in the fact that he will be Lord of Solace Hall and of everything...

The Schoharie

By Diane M. Johnson

A terrifying presence is out for revenge in the haunting supernatural thriller The Schoharie by Diane M Johnson. Until the erection of the Schoharie bridge in Fort Hunter, Joe Bonner was considered an upright young man. Soon after the bridge construction began, Joe started acting...

Traitor's Knot

By Cryssa Bazos

Traitor’s Knot by Cryssa Bazos is a riveting historical romance set against the backdrop of political turmoil, a historic moment in the English Civil War. It’s England in 1650, King Charles I has just been executed by Parliament, and the country is experiencing a semblance...

The Fall

A novel inspired by true events
By Silvia Cristina Valentini

I read The Fall by Silvia Cristina Valentini in one sitting. It’s a novel based on true events and through most of the novel I was furious at the ineptitude and outright disregard our heroine, Sarah Martinelli, is faced with. She is the victim of...

His Baby Dilemma

By Catherine Lanigan

His Baby Dilemma by Catherine Lanigan is a contemporary romance novel. The main protagonists in the book are Mica Barzonni, a farmer who wants to continue his father’s legacy, and Grace Railton, a fashion designer and former beauty queen pageant title holder who likes the...

Degrees of Love

A Novel
By Lisa Slabach

Degrees of Love by Lisa Slabach is her debut novel, but I would have never guessed that. I was immediately hooked by the story, and I couldn’t stop swiping frantically at my Kindle to see how the story unfolded. We follow Susan Sinclair, a wife,...

The Devil Wears Red

Book Three of the Tewkesbury Chronicles
By Jo Gillespie

The Devil Wears Red: Book Three of the Tewkesbury Chronicles by Jo Gillespie is the third entry in the Tewkesbury Chronicles, a historical novel set in 1781. The French have just joined the Continental Army in their fight against the British. The reader is introduced...

90 Seconds from Sanity

Volume 1
By C.J. Wilton

A man struggles to discern reality from illusion in the disconcerting psychological thriller, 90 Seconds From Sanity by C.J. Wilton. Michael Flannery is a lawyer who is very organized and in control of his life, but today is different. His day started off wrong with...

Untangling the Black Web

By T.F. Jacobs

Untangling the Black Web by T.F. Jacobs tells the story of David Higgins who sets out on a mission to bring down the corrupt insurance health care system. After the death of his wife, Lexi, through cancer, David is presented with a bill for tens...