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By Ian M. Smith

Trace by Ian M. Smith is the story of Joanne Shaughnessy in what started out as a normal day, searching for a job and answers to her phantom limb pain. The New Age doctor she sees suggests she participates in a study on the Chi...


By Eric J. Gates

Outsourced by Eric J. Gates is a general fiction thriller novel that all begins with a simple question: What is the most dangerous gift a fan could send to an author if the fan were a professional assassin? Nic Stiles is an author in New...

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Sentinels of the Night

A Trackers Novel
By Anita Dickason

Sentinels of the Night: A Trackers Novel is a paranormal police procedural mystery novel written by Anita Dickason. Someone is drugging, torturing and brutally killing young women, and FBI Special Agent Cat Morgan is determined to stop the killer at any costs. It's become personal...

Waking The Dead

Soul Broker, 1
By D. B. Sieders

Waking the Dead by D.B. Sieders is the story of Vivian Bedford, starting with the strangest day of her life, a day when she miraculously survives a car crash, but only to witness the death of a man. Vivian's life isn't an easy one. Her...

Wanions of the Wicked

The Supernatural London Underground Book Three
By Romarin Demetri

Wanions of the Wicked by Romarin Demetri is the third book in The Supernatural London Underground series. Beginning with a storm, Row and her friends know this is the start of what they have been waiting for. The time has come for them to take...

Inborn Magic

Hidden Coven Series, Book 1
By Kim McDougall

Inborn Magic is the first novella in the Hidden Coven Series, written by Kim McDougall. After a fire-lighting spell goes awry, Bobbi Cole lies paralyzed, but conscious, at her home. Her rescuers come in the form of Quinn and Abilene Mason, who’d sensed the witch...


The Legacy Series: Book One
By Jessica Ruddick

Birthright by Jessica Ruddick is an urban fantasy that twists the mythology on Reapers and hope. Ava doesn't have a life like other girls. She and her mother constantly move from place to place with a new assignment. It wasn't until her sweet sixteen that...

Different Lee

Different Dragons Book 1
By Bill Hiatt

Different Lee by Bill Hiatt follows DL as he discovers the past he never knew may hold the secrets to his future. Growing up in foster care, DL hasn't been much on homes or attachments. When a date he barely remembers shows up, claiming she's...

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Lane's End

A Journey Into the Paranormal
By Paul Hill

Lane’s End: A Journey Into the Paranormal is an urban fantasy novel written by Paul Hill. Odessa Kearney was a “Lady Trucker”, and she was proud of it. She had wanted more from life than an uninspiring relationship; the ubiquitous big rig advertisement on the...

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By G R Jordan

Crescendo! by GR Jordan is the first Austerly and Kirkgordon adventure. Kirkgordon has lost everything: his wife, kids, and friends. Teamed with Austerly, an eccentric professor obsessed with the supernatural, and a government agent that's more suspicious than trustworthy, Kirkgordon searches for a missing music...

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