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Whispers in the Alders

By H. A. Callum

Whispers in the Alders by H.A. Callum is a lyrical story that combines an eclectic set of literary elements to introduce readers to great characters, the story of an impossible love in a setting that is harsh and unforgiving, a coming of age, a romance...

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Salleys Kitchen

By Bruce Wise Weeks

Salleys Kitchen by Bruce Wise Weeks is a historical event/era fiction novel that would appeal most to a mixed audience of mature young adults and adults who enjoy historical fiction that focuses on the Jim Crow era in the South during the 1960s, and who...


By Bernard Leo Remakus

Keystone by Bernard Leo Remakus is a novel about a young man’s life told in his own words. Keystone begins with a young boy named Peter Kaminski who lives with his parents in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. His father is a serious-minded Polish immigrant and his mother...

The Big Inch

By Kimberly Fish

The Big Inch by Kimberly Fish is a fascinating historical novel set in Longview, Texas, during World War Two. Lane Mercer is a member of the OSS, and after a harrowing and tragic assignment in France, she has recently been reassigned to Texas. After the...

Grains of Truth

Bonds of friendship cannot be broken
By Elizabeth Ferry-Perata

I really enjoyed reading Grains of Truth by Elizabeth Ferry-Perata. The story is about friendship and always being there for each other. It is also about accepting things that you cannot change in life. This is one book that I will not soon forget. Grains...

Days of Insult

By Erin Eldridge

Days of Insult by Erin Eldridge is a historical event/era novel that would appeal most to a mixed audience of mature young adults and adults who like historical fiction set in the 1940s and who do not mind war, violence, sexual content, and explicit language....

Mangoes in Paradise

By J.D. Turner

Mangoes in Paradise by J.D. Turner is a beautiful story that explores an unusual adventure and a journey that takes one man across the country back to himself, an inspirational and heartwarming tale. Since childhood, Cam Blesi has always had a fascination for cowboys. In...


A Mex Anderson Novel
By Peg Brantley

One of the joys of being a book reviewer is suddenly discovering a brilliantly talented author like Peg Brantley. Brantley is a crime fiction writer with three previous books to her credit. If Trafficked is any indication of the kind of writing one can expect...

Kurt and Bongo and the Hippies

By Al Gromer Khan

Kurt and Bongo and the Hippies by Al Gromer Khan revolves around three main characters: Kurt (a German), Bongo (an African), and Toby (an Indian). There are other side characters in the story, but they are just that -- side characters. This does not mean...

Key Largo Blues

The Sequel to Dakota Blues (Karen Grace) (Volume 2)
By Lynne M. Spreen

Key Largo Blues: The Sequel to Dakota Blues (Karen Grace) by Lynne M. Spreen is a compelling novel that explores social issues and follows one woman’s struggle to come to grips with problems in her life. The story takes off from the previous book, where...