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The Pain Season

Book II of the Covalent Series
By Libby Doyle

The conflict, both internal and physical, the powerful, intense stream of consciousness, the tightly knit plot with its surprises are just a few of the many elements that readers will adore in The Pain Season, Book Two of the Covalent Series by Libby Doyle. I...


By Kimberley Ritchie

Vertinos by Kimberley Ritchie is an erotic adventure with a science fiction style setting. Veronica had made her billions, had access to all the latest gadgets, even those not yet available to the public. But she got her kicks and entertainment another way - she...

The Abduction Chronicles

By Thomas L. Hay

Captivating, fast-paced, and mind-boggling, The Abduction Chronicles by Thomas L. Hay begins with a powerful claim from an unusual person. The protagonist’s ex-wife just called to say they were abducted by aliens. And in a matter-of-fact-tone, she explains how she has been able to overcome...

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Neurotec and Other Tales

By Marcus Bolt

Neurotec and Other Tales by Marcus Bolt is a collection of short stories with the underlying theme of philosophy. Neurotec and Other Tales starts off simply by listing the names of the 29 stories and then the first story begins immediately. The stories themselves are...

The Factory

The Factory Series
By Amanda Dacyczyn

The Factory by Amanda Dacyczyn is the first book in The Factory series. No one really knows how the Factory started, but they know that fifty people will go in and only six make it out alive. None of the survivors talks about what happens...

Future Schism

By Jeff W. Horton

Jeff W. Horton, author of Future Schism, is a prolific writer: in the past six years, since retiring as an information technology expert, he has published ten books! It is his vast experience with IT that he incorporates into this intriguing, dystopian future world of...


Nomad Series Book 3
By K.A. Finn

Perses is the third installment in the Nomad series by K.A. Finn, and is a sci-fi story set in Earth's distant future, where an evil government called The Foundation rules. In a bid to extend their rule to other sectors, they embark on a secret...

Khalan & Jane: Arrival at Ahalla

By Barrington Zane

Khalan & Jane: Arrival at Ahalla by Barrington Zane follows the journey of three teenagers that must band together to stop the Spider Lord. Khalan and his foster sister, Jane, have always stood out on their planet. Jane is known for her Earth heritage, while...

The Liquidator

Double Helix
By R. Patricia Wayne

Tight writing, realistic underpinnings of the plot, compelling characters, an exciting setting in the future are just a few of the many elements that readers will enjoy in this spellbinding science fiction story with a gripping and well-managed conflict. In The Liquidator (Double Helix) by...

The Baby Auction

By Peter Taylor-Gooby

You don't make friends in Market World; there are no heroes, no acts of kindness, and especially no gifting. This was the way of life; 'don't pay, don't get.' It didn't matter if someone's life was on the line, if you acted freely you answered...

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