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Christmas Past

An Angel's Story
By Ron Shaw

I am a Christian. I was born and raised as one. But my faith sometimes needs a strong shot in the arm. Christmas Past: An Angel’s Story by Ron Shaw gave me one today. It is June. We are a long way from Christmas, but...

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Courage of Ansgar

A Windflower Saga Novella
By Aleksandra Layland

All Edmond wanted to do with his life was teach in the remote boys' school in northern Aspatria, lead a simple life and, when he retired, live in the same remote area. All his cousin, Kolman, wanted was to teach at the same school. Kerys...

Magnolia Morning

By Linda Baten Johnson

The war is over, but for many people in the South, the basic war of daily survival carries on. Martha and her mother, Ellen, have struggled to keep their home and their land from the warring factions that stole anything and everything they could get...

Oddities & Entities 2

By Roland Allnach

Whether it is the many years that Roland Allnach has spent working hospital night shifts or just an overly imaginative mind capable of shaping one of a kind horrors, the reason why he has won so many literary awards screams out in every dose of...

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Far Endeavor

A Windflower Saga Novella
By Aleksandra Layland

Far Endeavor by Aleksandra Layland is the third novella in the Windflower Saga series. It can be read as a standalone novel and, in fact, recounts the familial history of the series’ main protagonist, Lord Branimir Rongo. Ms. Layland’s fantastical adventure begins with Rongo’s descendants...

The Feathered Crown

A Windflower Saga Novella
By Aleksandra Layland

The Feathered Crown is a beautifully written novella that is another volume in the Windflower Saga by talented scribe, Aleksandra Layland. Keholani’s seventy-three-year-old uncle, the High Chief Kahutane, is near death. He is considered to be the beloved father and mother to all the Kimbrii...

Bind Not the Heart

A Windflower Saga Novella
By Aleksandra Layland

Bind Not the Heart: A Windflower Saga Novella by Aleksandra Layland is a deliciously crafted novella that features family, relationships, and faith, a story that explores one of the characters already featured in Of Wisdom and Valor: The Art of War. In this thrilling story,...


A Windflower Saga Novella
By Aleksandra Layland

Albina (A Windflower Saga Novella) by Aleksandra Layland is a short story/novella in the science fiction fantasy genre. This is a book that would appeal most to a mixed audience of adults and young adults who have enjoyed the Windflower Saga, as well as those...

The Scent of Lilac

An Arrow's Flight Novella
By Casey Hays

In a land where women rule, life is not always perfect. When Mia’s dearest friend, Kate, bucks the system and runs away with her mate, rebellion is the topic of conversation and concern among the breeders. While Mia is saddened by the mysterious departure of...

Midlife Crisis

A gripping thriller with a shocking twist
By Belinda Bennett

Midlife Crisis by Belinda Bennett is an exciting and suspenseful novella about a menopausal woman trying to remain sane while dealing with an arrogant and belittling husband. Sammy-Jo hasn't been sleeping at night, which leaves her tired and a little forgetful. Tom, Sammy-Jo's husband, doesn't...