Fiction - Social Issues

The Fall

A novel inspired by true events
By Silvia Cristina Valentini

I read The Fall by Silvia Cristina Valentini in one sitting. It’s a novel based on true events and through most of the novel I was furious at the ineptitude and outright disregard our heroine, Sarah Martinelli, is faced with. She is the victim of...

November Third

Gatekeepers of Democracy Volume 2
By Bill Lewers

November Third is the second volume in the Gatekeepers of Democracy series by Bill Lewers, a story revolving around election drama and featuring a strong conflict. The story follows Carl Marsden, who joins the team of county “rovers,” the group responsible for testing voting machines...

Dancing with Sophia

By Ramalho Almeida

Baingana was a lost soul, wandering through life, unsure of himself and his place in the world. Whatever could go wrong in his life seemed to have gone wrong; he’d lost his job, his parents were furious with him, his friends seemed superficial and self-centred,...

Dry Drowning

Jacob Schmidt Series
By Kevin Hopson

When all you need right now is to relax with a short book that won’t tax you with long-winded descriptions and convoluted plots, pick up Dry Drowning by Kevin Hopson. It’s the third book in a series based on a former Criminal Investigations Division detective,...

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The Punished

By Cy Forrest

The Punished by Cy Forrest is a novel that features intrigue, romance, and the unusual transformation of the lives of characters involved in a delicate and deadly plot. The story is multi generational, with strong and interesting characters and a political setting that is constructed...

The Lay of LaLa Land

By A.Y. Miles

If you decide to tackle The Lay of LaLa Land by A.Y. Miles, expect the unexpected. Expect to find yourself laughing out loud at Lenny Dushoff’s wild mental meanderings, social and personal insecurities, and multitude of physical…or is it psychosomatic…ailments. Expect to be repulsed by...

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The Unraveling of Brendan Meeks

By Brian Cohn

If you’re unfamiliar with schizophrenia and how it affects a person, The Unraveling of Brendan Meeks by Brian Cohn will both fascinate and frighten you. This first novel by Cohn sucks you into Brendan’s chaotic mind within the first few sentences: Brendan is running; he’s...


A Novel
By Carl Sever

Alphonse, a first novel by Carl Sever, is unusual, somewhat strange, even occasionally confusing…and yet, despite all that, it’s also unforgettable because of its unique approach, engaging plot line and powerful characterization. Alphonse is actually “Jimmy from the South”, a soft-hearted hobo who goes out...

The Wolves Within Our Walls

By L.E. Flinders

The Wolves Within Our Walls by L.E. Flinders is a psychological suspense novel about living with a facade, one that hides a horrific monster beneath. Zoe Wilkes lives an average life, working as a waitress and living with her roommate, Ben. One night, she is...

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Betrayal of Justice

A Zachary Blake Betrayal Legal Thriller
By Mark M. Bello

Betrayal of Justice, the taut new legal thriller by Mark M. Bello, is positively chilling in its political acuity. Ronald John, the newly-elected President of the United States and poster boy of white Christians the country over, is about to put into action his campaign...

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