Fiction - Suspense

Chalk Outline

By Veronica Smith

Time is running out for a detective's young niece, and the primary clue to her abductor's identity is from a psychic vision in the heart-racing Chalk Outline, a murder mystery thriller by Veronica Smith. Jessica's seven-year-old daughter, Vanessa, was abducted and murdered nearly two years...

Critical Cover-Up

By Margie Miklas

Critical Cover-Up by Margie Miklas tells the story of Allison Jamison who decides on a change of career and takes up a position as a critical care nurse. She anticipates her new role to be one that will be rewarding and enjoyable, but finds herself...

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By Theresa Jacobs

Theresa Jacobs is a mistress of the horror genre as Cataclysm illustrates with a clarity that is not for the faint-hearted, but fans of horror, crime, and fantasy are guaranteed to love. In North Falls, a small town in the Canadian Rockies, a retired librarian...

Crazy Love

By Rachael Tamayo

Crazy Love by Rachael Tamayo is a book worth reading for both the compelling story and a look into how a sick mind thinks. Emily has found love at first sight, true love, with Isaiah and they are enjoying learning about each other and strengthening...

Cat's Paw

Crazy Cat Lady series Book 3
By Mollie Hunt

Cat's Paw by Mollie Hunt is the third book in the Crazy Cat Lady series. All Lynley Cannon wants is a vacation with her friend Simon at the Cloverleaf Animal Sanctuary. Her peaceful retreat is interrupted when a guest is murdered, and everyone seems to...


Book two of the Director series
By Zach Fortier

Cachibache is the second book in the Director series by Zach Fortier, a quick, suspenseful story that is as entertaining as it is intense, a story with a setting that excites readers as much as the exhilarating plot. After admitting that Camp Baroota has been...

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Clinical Execution

Revenge with Passion
By M. E. Haul

Clinical Execution: Revenge with Passion by M.E. Haul is a compelling story that follows the life of a successful and happily married surgeon until the tide turns against him. Daniel Bishop enjoys his job which is, for him, an extension of his life, but when...


Arrival of the Fourth Generation
By Coleen Liebsch

When twenty-one-year-old virgin Jordan Sullivan discovers she is pregnant and having twins, solving the mystery of how she got pregnant, when she’d never had sex, quickly takes a back seat to a whole new set of choices she is now facing. Initially, it seems that...

Croissant Carnage

A Lacey Greene Mystery
By Jennifer Ito

Croissant Carnage: A Lacey Greene Mystery is a sleuth mystery novel written by Jennifer Ito. Lacey Greene hadn’t had much success with romantic relationships in the past, but the brevity of her most recent one was a new low for her. After only six weeks,...

Change of Heart

By Mr Daniel Side

Suspense, excitement, action, thrills and chills - all are a huge part of Change of Heart. Patrick and Katherine are the stars of this book. Patrick has one goal in life and that is to take care of his daughter, Jenny. Katherine recently lost her...