Flaherty's Crossing

By Kaylin McFarren

In Flaherty's Crossing by Kaylin McFarren, Kate, a successful painter, is summoned to the deathbed of her father, Collin, who has only days to live. While Kate struggles to forgive him for the death of her beloved mother, Collin makes a startling confession. Meanwhile, Kate's...

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Award Winner

Familiar Friend

By Cristina Sumners

The chairman of the university’s Spanish Department, Mason Blaine, had a lot of enemies. One hated him enough to kill him, and then stick a knife in his back. For Reverend Kathryn Koerney, this shocking example of overkill in small-town New Jersey has her and...


By Michael R. Stevens

Fortuna is a complex online role playing game. Jason Lind is addicted to the game of fame fortune and power. At he times has trouble distinguishing between real life and his online personality. The game has strict privacy policies. He takes the name Father Allesandro...

For Glory

By Elisabeth Lee

Meet Carlyle “Lyle” Hudson, Fifty years old, WPT Poker player and single by choice, She is headed home to Kansas. Lyle’s mother died in her sleep, and she is back in Kansas to settle up things. The house, her mother’s business, and “Glory”...

Fatal Waters

By Iris Moss

Autumn still mourned the loss of her former fiancé Cory Perkins.  He was in a shark cage when the cable was torn in half by the razor-sharp teeth of one of the large predators.  The crew were helpless in the shark-infested waters as they watched...

Forgotten Memories

By Bernice Camp

I’m usually a fast reader, and it is not unusual for me to read several books a day. Occasionally, along comes a book that makes me want to slow down and savor every word.   Forgotten Memories is that type of book.   Author Bernice Camp sent...

Fearless Fourteen

A Stephanie Plum Novel
By Janet Evanovich

I was disappointed with Mean Thirteen, but I feel Janet Evanovich is back on a roll with Fearless Fourteen. I am a Stephanie Plum fan. Frankly, I like all of the Plum books. She comes across smarter in this book; her character is maturing. The supporting...

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Fatal Kidnapping

By Tracy Evans

A day never went by without Katie Stone calling her father at least once, but on that fateful day she didn’t call. She and fiancé Caleb had agreed to meet for dinner, but she didn’t show up. Something was wrong; Katie was missing. Terrified her...