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Windows of My Mind

Sixty Poetic Expressions
By Christopher Persaud

Windows of My Mind: 60 Poetic Expressions is an inspired title for Christopher Persaud's collection of poems; that is exactly what it is, a glimpse of the innermost feelings of one man. Written in freestyle, the majority are longer than average. Each is illustrated appropriately...

Angels Always Near

A Poetry Collection
By Denise Alicea

Denise Alicea has created a book that embodies the poetry lover. Angels Always Near is a brief collection of a little over 30 poems, many of which read as short stories in verse instead of explorations of abstract personal emotions or discussions of ideas. It...

Ounces of Oneness

By Nejoud Al-Yagout

In Ounces of Oneness, a book of poems by the author Nejoud Al-Yagout, each work is an attempt to give permanence to the soul. Sometimes tentative, sometimes effervescent, Al-Yagout manages to invite the reader with her on a journey of self discovery and wonder as...

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Perceived Thoughts

By Shauna M Cesar

Lies, the first poem in the first section of verse entitled “Perceived,” is a poem for every woman who has faced the disillusionment of a precarious love, confirming the fact that if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Poet Shauna Cesar...

Sticks and Stones Falling From the Sky

By Andrew Daniels

The Great Depression, metaphors, Wall Street and love are some of the poems that you will read about and discover in Sticks and Stones Falling From the Sky. Andrew Daniels has intertwined an inspiration of old and new, love and intimacy, and music and art...

Kàkos 501 More Haiku Poems

By Kakós Kàkos

In this collection of poems, Kàkos 501 More Haiku Poems by Kakós Kàkos, poetry lovers get a blend of Greek and Japanese ways of expression, which gives them a unique spiritual experience. The poet is originally from Greece and he infuses the traditional form of...

The Spirit of Love

By The Spirit of Love, known as Glen

The Spirit of Love: The Spirit of Love, known as Glen is a collection of poems that have been written over a period of time and that have been consolidated in this book. The Spirit of Love is laid out and formatted in a clean...

Disconnected Discourse

By Gareth Budge

Disconnected Discourse, penned from the heart, soul and hand of Gareth Budge, is unique poetic staging of powerful emotions and profoundly deep ideas to ponder. It is a very quick read with very brief lines on each page, but each and every verse will reach...


Poems by Kathryn Beam Troxler
By Kathryn Beam Troxler

Tuning: Poems by Kathryn Beam Troxler is a collection of inspirational and nature-themed poems. Troxler’s subjects are wide-ranging; many of her poems are inspired by the ocean, forests and woodlands, and her own garden. Others share her travels to other lands and responses to art...

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A Tall Titillating Tale
By Ron Weinkauf

Six: A Tall Titillating Tale by Ron Weinkauf is a smooth amalgamation of humor, science fiction, and adventure that makes this story really entertaining. The narrative is almost lyrical, which gave a new depth to the story. The story begins when our hero comes across...

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