Children - Adventure

Athena Finds Her Confidence

Taki & Toula Time Travelers - Book 2
By Elena Paige

Athena Finds Her Confidence is the second book in the Taki & Toula Time Travelers’ series, written by Elena Paige. With the help of their magic time-travelling shoes, siblings Taki and Toula go back in time, ending up at the Acropolis in Greece. Athena and...

The Adventures of Charlie Chameleon

By Ellen L. Buikema

The Adventures of Charlie Chameleon: Summertime by Ellen L. Buikema is a collection of entertaining stories that take young readers on a trip with the Chameleon family. Each story handles a different type of situation, and how they can be dealt with using a good...

The Ghost of Saddle Mountain

By Fred Whitman

Hoot Hart is a 12-year-old boy who enjoys exploring the woods and open lands around his home out in the country in The Ghost of Saddle Mountain by Fred Whitman. Not part of any group at school, Hoot is at home in nature and loves...


By Julia E. Clements

Plagued by his father’s death, Danny keeps experiencing blood-curdling nightmares. As the story begins in Dreamland by Julia E. Clements, the pain of loss etched in both Danny’s and his mother’s hearts is still fresh in each of their minds. It is when Danny turns...

The World Is Mine

By Keisha Jenkins

Elijah is determined not to let Jackie, a girl, strike him out in the storybook The World Is Mine by Keisha Jenkins. Jackie is not the sweet little girl she is outside the baseball field. She is smiling as if she has already won. She...

The Maker

By D. F. Anderson

The Maker by D.F. Anderson is the enchanting story about Nate, a teenage boy, who loves to draw. His parents have separated and his mom has a new boyfriend. With all the turmoil in his life, his grades in school are slipping, so his mother...

The Ninth Birthday Wish

By Bruce E. Arrington

Despite being twins, Arisa and her brother, Bril, are as different as chalk and cheese. Bril is the quiet one, reading and dreaming and building skyscrapers in the sandbox he shares with his sister, Arisa. She, on the other hand, is the one with flair...

Will You Believe In Me?

A Story About Skiing and Friendship
By Matt Sterbenz

Will You Believe In Me? A Story About Skiing and Friendship is an adventure graphic novel for children, grades K-3, written by Matt Sterbenz and illustrated by Ingrid Ochoa. Matt always loved skiing. When he was small, he relished the feel of the soft, powdery...

A Dash of Belladonna

By J Rackham

What would you do if you finally got accepted as an apprentice to your dream mentor? Would you go, even if it meant leaving your family in another country? A Dash of Belladonna by J. Rackham is a children's fantasy novel about a young girl...

The Rocket that Flew to Mars

By Audrey Sauble

The Rocket that Flew to Mars by Audrey Sauble is all about the rocket that flew to Mars. The book speaks about the capsule propelled by the engines that launched the rocket that flew to Mars. It travels for many, many days before landing on...