Pidgy's Surprise

By Jeanne Mellin

Cindy Sawyer is a little girl who owns a pony named Pidgy. Because other children she admires now have horses, Cindy is dissatisfied with Pidgy and she daydreams about having a horse of her own rather than a pony. To Pidgy's Surprise, author and illustrator...

Puppies and Poems

By Nancy Sack and Kaitlyn Fuchs

In the book "Puppies and Poems" we follow two adorable puppies through a collection of individual poems that your pre-school age child will love and adore. As part of their adventure they explore many different funny and exciting things including balloons, ice cream, campefires, cookies,...

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Piggie Wiggie's Great Adventure

By MJ Daley-Prado

Aimed at ages 4-6, Piggie Wiggie’s Great Adventure is a daring tale of adventure, heroism, and a ‘never-say-die’ attitude. Family pet and escape artist extraordinaire, Piggie Wiggie the Guinea Pig is out the cage and on the loose, ready for adventure. What an adventure it...

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