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Keep Right On

By Julie B Day

Keep Right On by Julie B Day is a wonderful story of friendship and true love, involving two families and two gentle souls, and a tragedy that left everyone in grief. Julie met Paul while on vacation in Walt Disney World in May of 1981....

What It Is

By Kit Sergeant

When the only men who fall in front of you are dead, then you either have a problem, or you work in a morgue - or both as it is the case for Lexi, the protagonist of What It Is by Kit Sergeant. The young...

The Monday Girl

The Girl Duet, Part 1
By Julie Johnson

Very early in life, Katharine Firestone realized her existence was jaded beyond repair. Daughter of a ruthless Hollywood agent, Kat’s earliest memories are filled with hours of toe-bleeding ballet, ridiculous figure conscious dieting, and extreme routines not normal for any normal child. If her mother,...

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See Mommy Run

By Laura Kennedy

Margie McDougal is the unhappy mommy in Laura Kennedy’s book, See Mommy Run. Every woman who has, or ever has had, teenagers growing up will recognise her. Margie and Mike, both with full time jobs that bore them, but just about keep the household financially...

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The Leftover

By Brooke Williams

“You want me to do what?” Megan Malone would do anything for her sister, Molly, but she needed clarification on this rather bizarre request. Molly was the adventurous one. The athletic, social daredevil. Megan was thrilled when her sister’s desire to join the ranks of...

See You Later Broadway

Broadway Series Book 2
By Melissa Baldwin

See You Later Broadway by Melissa Baldwin is book two in the Broadway Series, and while I did not read book one, I had no problems jumping right into this story and making friends with Maris. Maris has recently moved to New York City with...

Better in the Morning

By Fern Ronay

In Better in the Morning by Fern Ronay, we follow Veronica Buccino, a lawyer with a plan. One – stop being a lawyer. Her work leaves much to be desired, and her boss and co-worker seem to be set on making her life miserable. Two...

Double Trouble

By Darcy Flynn

Double Trouble is the perfect summertime read while relaxing on the beach or lounging on your front porch. Clare, her younger half-sister, Megan, and Will are the energizing main characters of this cheerful, 'get revenge' romantic comedy. Clare has been watching over Megan since their...

My Shenandoah Love

Hanna Jones Volume 1
By Jonathan Kuiper

My Shenandoah Love: Hanna Jones, Volume 1 by Jonathan Kuiper recounts eight years of Hanna’s life in a series of flashbacks that have a gripping sense of immediacy. The first shows Hanna at fifteen, troubled to the point of mental abuse, by Diane, her promiscuous...

Flight Risk

Assignment: Romance Book 4
By Barbara Valentin

Flight Risk - Assignment: Romance Book 4 by Barbara Valentin is the story of a woman who is scared of heights, then an assignment makes her question her fears and she has no idea that she will find the love of her life. Aubrey Thomas...

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