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Nomad Series Book 3
By K.A. Finn

Perses is the third installment in the Nomad series by K.A. Finn, and is a sci-fi story set in Earth's distant future, where an evil government called The Foundation rules. In a bid to extend their rule to other sectors, they embark on a secret...

Khalan & Jane: Arrival at Ahalla

By Barrington Zane

Khalan & Jane: Arrival at Ahalla by Barrington Zane follows the journey of three teenagers that must band together to stop the Spider Lord. Khalan and his foster sister, Jane, have always stood out on their planet. Jane is known for her Earth heritage, while...

The Liquidator

Double Helix
By R. Patricia Wayne

Tight writing, realistic underpinnings of the plot, compelling characters, an exciting setting in the future are just a few of the many elements that readers will enjoy in this spellbinding science fiction story with a gripping and well-managed conflict. In The Liquidator (Double Helix) by...

The Baby Auction

By Peter Taylor-Gooby

You don't make friends in Market World; there are no heroes, no acts of kindness, and especially no gifting. This was the way of life; 'don't pay, don't get.' It didn't matter if someone's life was on the line, if you acted freely you answered...

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United We Fall

By Joseph A Mourgos

United We Fall (The Galactic Community Series, Story #1) by Joseph A. Mourgos is set in the not too distant future, 2061 to be exact. Two aliens races, the Vorelisians and the Thimms, are trying to get Earth on their side for their own agenda....

The Infinet

Trivial Game Book 1
By John Akers

I love speculative fiction. I love a good thriller. Sometimes it seems I haven’t seen the two genres combined into a great book since cyber punk exploded onto the scene. The Infinet by John Akers is such a book and it is great. I find...

Adrenaline Secrets

A Deadly DNA Novel
By Carolyn Reilly

Kendra has no idea what to expect when she finds herself thrust into a dangerous situation with a GV who already seems to hate her guts for no reason. But their short experience together in the jungle is only the beginning of something far more...

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Annals of the Five Moon Fleet

The Largoan War
By Charles Remington

Annals of the Five Moon Fleet: The Largoan War by Charles Remington is an exciting sci fi novel set on a spectacular habitable planet named Margareta (the Pearl) with five moons. It is endowed with oceans of fresh water, and a slightly denser atmosphere set...

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Time Will Tale

By S.C. Barrett

Time Will Tale by S.C. Barrett is a well-crafted story that will appeal to both fans of sci-fi and adventure, a mesmerizing story that explores one man’s journey to master the concept of time, a tale with wonderful settings in the future and in eras...

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The Inlooker

By Terry Tumbler

Thomas Beckon has a rare and unique gift: he can take possession of another person's soul. It starts quite humbly when he's shocked to realize that he's inhabited his cat, but it doesn't take Tommy long to realize the power of this gift, referred to...