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Beyond Love

Book #2 in Beyond Series
By D.D. Marx

Beyond Love by D.D. Marx is Book 2 of the Beyond Series. Olivia is finally traveling the path she was meant to, following guidance from her best friend, Dan. When she returns to Chicago she gets bad news, news that will interfere with her destiny;...

Rebecca Steele Chasing a Dream

A Look Behind the Scenes at the United States Silver Eagles
By Joanne Patterson

Rebecca Steele Chasing a Dream: A Look Behind the Scenes at the United States Silver Eagles is a romance novel written by Joanne Patterson. Becky and her friend, Emily, had been enjoying the sun, sand and surf of a Miami beach when they realized they...

A Cabin in the Woods

By Linda Stiles Fox

Do you believe in fate or magic? For Simon Tinsley, the encounter between his daughter, Pamela Bradford Tinsley (Pansy) and his favorite employee for over a decade, Dallas Trent (D.J) in the romance novel, A Cabin in the Woods by Linda Stiles Fox, was purely...

The Warm Up

By Xio Axelrod

Three months after his hockey team, Cajun Rage, won the ultimate in hockey championships, Zim returns to his hometown to start a charity in honor of his sister. On a night out with friends, he meets Suji, recently dumped for being too dedicated to her...

Playing for the Save

By Rachelle Ayala

Playing for the Save by Rachelle Ayala is book four in the Men of Spring series, a well-crafted romance that will delight fans of Nicholas Sparks. Meet veteran relief pitcher, Ryan Hudson, a professional baseball player who keeps to himself and who doesn’t want his...

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Love in Two Acts

A Romance Novella
By Ronnda Eileen Henry

Love in Two Acts (A Romance Novella) by Ronnda Eileen Henry is a stunning romance story about a young woman named Marigold. Marigold and her friend and cousin, Princess Rozabela, are on their way to the kingdom of Selby for a royal wedding when their...

Orange Sky

By J.E. Gaudet

Orange Sky by J.E. Gaudet is a thrilling tale of romance and terror. Ivy is incredibly attractive and has a heart to match. While her life is shrouded in tragedy, she will not let it take over. Her brother is killed in armed combat while...

The Boy Who Loved Girls

The Memoir of a Boy on His Dangerous Journey
By Robert McNally

The Boy Who Loved Girls: The Memoir of a Boy on His Dangerous Journey by Robert McNally is a unique memoir that captures the youth of insurance auditor Robert McNally in colorful prose. He is the guy who escaped being drafted into military service in...

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The Best Part of Love

By A. D'Orazio

The Best Part of Love by A. D'Orazio is a beautifully plotted and well-executed historical romance with a cast of exciting and delightful characters. After the merciless murder of her first husband, Elizabeth Bennet knows there is no future for her with any man. In...

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My Sexy Veterinarian

The Texas Kincaids #2
By Bonnie Phelps

My Sexy Veterinarian: The Texas Kincaids #2 by Bonnie Phelps is a contemporary romance novel set against the cowboy culture of Texas. My Sexy Veterinarian starts off with an introduction to Nate Kincaid, a rugged bachelor working on running his own veterinary practice. He is...