Cliff of the Ruin

By Bonnie McKernan

In "Cliff of the Ruin", Bonnie McKernan paints a picture of New York and New Jersey in the late 19th century. Mae Kendrick, an artist and orphan in her late twenties, lives with her aunt, uncle and cousins on a farm in Stillwater, New Jersey....

Cry of the West

By Verna Clay

The year is 1866 and Thomas and Hallie Wells are ready to head west. They have sold their farm, and almost everything they have in anticipation of moving to the Willamette Valley in Oregon. When Tom is killed just about a month before the five...

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Court of Miracles

A Human Comedy of 17th Century France
By Brigitte Goldstein

Brigitte Goldstein has created in "Court of Miracles" a story version of the Greek myth of Pygmalion and Galatea. And as Lerner and Lowe did with the musical "My Fair Lady", she has formed a brilliant story based upon the theme of a sculptor who...

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Counterfeit Kisses

By Sandra Heath

Button, Button who’s got the button is an old game but in this cat and mouse game its Tiara, Tiara who is the real one and who is the impostor, in fact 4 impostors. Two families lay claim to the famous Tiara, the Holland’s and...

Courting Scandal

The Bliss Society Book 2
By Donna McAteer & Catherine Stang

In book 2 of "The Bliss Society" "Courting Scandal" we find Amanda Hayworth, still writing her gossip column. She takes great pleasure in destroying others with her words. She refers to Isabel Lawrence as a klutzy, babbling young lady that has caught the eye of...


By Beth Heywood

James Rawtenstall is determined to take his deceased son’s child away from his former daughter-in-law.  In a desperate effort to escape her father-in-law, Adelaide Rawtenstall signs on as a mail order bride.  She meets an impetuous young sailor during her voyage to her new home...

Chasin' Mason

By Stacey Joy Netzel

Tripp knew he was in for a time when his father planned on getting married. His problem seemed to be the daughter of the woman, a fourteen-year-old who seem bound and determined she was going to be number one. She seemed to worm her way...