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Children Of The Furnace

By Brin Murray

Ty wasn’t Wil’s father, but he’s the only parent Wil has ever known. He’s raised him the way Wil’s deceased mother asked him too, not strong in their way, but strong in the ways of the heart. Then Wil meets a Revout in the forest....

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Elephant Dreams

By Martha Deeringer

Elephant Dreams by Martha Deeringer tells the story of Fiona Finn who, as a sixteen-year-old, finds herself homeless and trying to survive on the streets of New York City. After she is attacked, she realises that she has to do something to make a better...

The Fountain

By Suzy Vadori

The Fountain by Suzy Vadori is the first book in The Fountain book series. It starts out with Ava Marshall on her first day at the new boarding school, St Augustus. Right from the start, Ava seems to hit it off wrong with Courtney, a...

Chasing Tomorrow

Will tomorrow be a memory if they can't find today
By Ann Heathman

Chasing Tomorrow by Ann Heathman is a major page-turner. Everyone’s current favorite set of international villains, ISIS terrorists, are out to turn the world into a Sharia-ruled enclave whether the “infidels” want it that way or not. Navy SEAL buddies - Zach, Tony, and...

The Anchor Clankers

The Anchor Clankers, Book 1
By Renee Garrison

The Anchor Clankers is a young adult coming of age novel written by Renee Garrison. Sanford, Florida didn’t look at all what Suzette had imagined when she thought about Florida as the national collegiate playground for spring break. The humidity and heat were awful, and...

Part of Me

By Deanna Kahler

Part of Me by Deanna Kahler is an interesting story with an intriguing twist. Chase has been tormented for years by flashes of memories that make no sense. His life is upside-down because of these flashes and episodes of panic attacks that leave scattered clues...

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By Ricardo Jasso Moedano

Stargazer: A Rock Satire II by Ricardo Jasso Moedano is a rollicking, satirical coming-of-age story that will grab music fans. Meet Adrian Flodden in his third term at K.F.D. University, poised to make an impression on the traditional party organized by the university to welcome...

Incense and Peppermints

By Cathrina Constantine

Incense and Peppermints by Cathrina Constantine is set in the '60s and follows the journey of a young girl as she starts her confusing and painful journey into adulthood. Mary Monroe is just 16 years old; she is innocent and vulnerable, yet at the same...

A Long Journey

From Steam to Cyber
By Gracie Stathers

A Long Journey: From Steam to Cyber by Gracie Stathers follows the life journey and family history of several families and their descendants. The story begins in the mid-nineteenth century when many families are struggling to make a living. Unfairly convicted and sent to Norfolk...

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By Elena Dillon

“I’m sorry to bother you, but aren’t you London Carstairs?” These are not unusual words to London. Her fame as a young, world-renowned model presents challenges everywhere she goes. In an attempt to present herself in the downplayed image she desires, London acquiesces to many...