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Dolly Becomes a Scout

By Kay Whitehouse

You’ll be surprised in the second chapter to find out that the first-person dialog is being narrated by a hand truck named Dolly! Dolly is very observant and has learned so much from hanging out with the family and watching television. Dolly Becomes a Scout...

Flash Tales

A Collection of Short Stories for Children
By Chess Desalls

Flash Tales is a collection of six short stories that provide wonder and entertainment. A beautiful, imaginative illustration by Fleur Camacho on the front cover invites readers to take a look inside. What a Clown Reads is a humorous and thought-provoking story. Author Chess Desalls has...

The F.L.U.B. Club

How the 'Future Fixer' Fixed My Future and Flubbed It Up Again
By Richard Clark

The F.L.U.B. Club: How the 'Future Fixer' Fixed My Future and Flubbed It Up Again by Richard Clark is an intriguing story that follows a boy named Marty. Marty and his friends created a club that Marty called the F.L.U.B. club, one that deals...

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Mo's Magical Stories

By Mohsen Sharifi

In Mo's Magical Stories by Mohsen Sharifi, children will experience a collection of three stories about sacrifice, transformation, and chances. The messages in The Lucky Fisherman, The Hermit, and Suleiman and the Flying Carpet will help children to improve their well being, stimulate confidence, and...

There's a Rainbow in My Pocket

By Lyn Kulow

There’s a Rainbow in My Pocket by Lyn Kulow is a magical story where readers get to see a little girl’s imagination enable her to do wonderful things with the rainbow. The little girl sees a rainbow hanging in the sky and she takes it...

Ava's First Day of Kindergarten

By Kristen Weber

In Ava’s First Day of Kindergarten by Kristen M. Weber, children are taken along with Ava on her first day of kindergarten. Ava knows that she has to begin her day by eating a healthy breakfast as it is important for children to learn and...

Rainbow's Promise

How It All Started
By Mary Clark Dalton

Rainbow’s Promise: How It All Started by Mary Clark Dalton is the story of a cute caterpillar who is teased by his classmates because he is the last one in the class who is yet to receive his wings. Rainbow spent a lot of time...

Dime Store Days

By Jane Foster

In Dime Store Days, Jane Foster takes us back to a simpler time when folks would socialize and shop at their local Five and Dime. The book is based on a real store, as one of the comments at the beginning of the book shows:...

My Best Friend Is a Secret Agent

How Chip Became C.H.I.P. and Foiled the Freaky Fuzzy Invasion
By Richard Clark

My Best Friend Is a Secret Agent is a humorous children’s book, written by Richard Clark and illustrated by Rich Murray. Whiz-kid Nort McKrakken has created something ingenious which will make crime-fighting easier – a C.H.I.P. (Computerized Heroic Incredible Person), able to transform regular human...

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My Fox Ate My Cake

By David Blaze

My Fox Ate My Cake by David Blaze is a beautiful story for young readers — and adults who are children at heart, like me. Meet Jonah Johnson and his best friend, a fox. The fox seems to be the best friend Jonah has, the...