Children - Social Issues

Pepsi the Problem Puppy

By Sandi Parsons

Pepsi the Problem Puppy is a children’s book written by Sandi Parsons and illustrated by Aśka. After deciding to adopt a rescue puppy from the animal shelter, Dave Parsons quickly discovers that not all dogs are as adorable as they look in a photo. Dave’s...

Fairy Tales and Fables

A Collection
By Lucas Hucher

There is a moral to every story, a lesson to be learned. Sometimes, however, we need to hear the story, perhaps even multiple times, to understand and appreciate the moral, the lesson. If we are told to “be kind, to expect kindness in return. If...

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Sparkle the Elf

A Story About Confidence
By Lisa Beere

We are our own worst critics. How often have we heard that phrase? And yet it is so true. It’s hard not to find fault with ourselves, to overcome whatever deficiencies we believe we have. For example, Sparkle has a problem with her size. She’s...

Jack and Almost Jill

A True Story of a Twin Adoption
By Jackie McReynolds-Ruchti

A subtle surprise awaits the reader of Jack and Almost Jill, a beautiful children’s book based on the author’s true life story, written by Jackie Ruchti with illustrations by Hazel Quintanilla. All the elements of a truly engaging read are present, along with the most...

The Grumpy Kid

By Jack Thompsen

The Grumpy Kid is a children’s book, written in rhyme by Not So Serious Jack (Jack Thompsen) and illustrated by Oliver Kryzz Bundoc. Arin is a young boy whose first day at his new school is not so bright. When his new classmates - Dan,...

Tammy's Secrets

By Miriam Ratzker

In Tammy’s Secrets by Miriam Ratzker, readers are introduced to Tammy who is all excited about starting school. She is in first grade and she has been thinking about her first day in school. She has spent days thinking about it, dreaming about teachers and...

Super Sal

How To Be Kind To Animals
By Sally V. Parker

Super Sal: How To Be Kind To Animals is a fantasy children’s book, written in rhyme by Sally V. Parker and illustrated by Arina M. Neculai. Defender of abused animals, Super Sal transforms into a true animal hero (with Tea Man by her side) and...

Hair, Hair, Everywhere!

By Lisa Beere

If you walked into your child’s or any room within your house and you saw hair everywhere, would that freak you out or would you just inhale and exhale, feeling Namaste vibes? Hair, Hair, Everywhere! by Lisa Beere is a story about conflict resolution, disarray...

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I Will Always Love You

By Jill Kunkel

The power of love is most evident in the special bond shared between a grandparent and a grandchild. There are no conditions attached to this love. Looks don’t matter, skin and hair color don’t matter, what clothes one wears, what activities one likes, none of...


All in the Woods...
By J.R. Poulter

Bushed?! All in the Woods... written by J.R. Poulter and illustrated by Linda Gunn tells the story of Pete who has just moved to the countryside in the area where his Granddad used to live. Pete discovers a strange furry visitor who likes snacks, but...