Fiction - Drama

The Jade Emperor

By Suzanne Jenkins

Kelly Boyd wants nothing more than to be with her family. Even if her work as a nurse was demanding and tiring, and even if there wasn’t much color in her marriage, she’d look forward to the weekend and to precious time with her six...

Peregrine Island

A Novel
By Diane B. Saxton

Peregrine Island: A Novel by Diane B. Saxton is a snapshot of three generations; Winter, her daughter, Elsie, and granddaughter, Peda. Each has very different ideas and feelings and Diane B. Saxton has written a comprehensive description of them. Winter is the family matriarch, while...

The Memory of Loss

By Dana K. Haffar

The Memory of Loss by Dana K. Haffar blends family drama with historical elements into an intriguing, character-driven story that will have readers mesmerized. Nadine Hall has suffered a devastating loss and still blames herself for everything. Having completed her training in caregiving, she seizes...

Dominica's Inferno

By Joanna Maharis

Born to difficult and lazy parents, Dominica Moore lives in a kind of hell, with abuse and rejection. She feels like rebelling against everyone. She wasn’t born with her bread buttered for her, and besides the pressure she experiences from her domineering parents, she also...

The Soldier's Return

Heaven's Pond Trilogy Book 2
By Laura Libricz

After ten years, a young Dutchman, Pieter van Diemen, is returning to Amsterdam in chains, after being captured and imprisoned in the Spice Islands. But he can’t stay in Amsterdam. After his escape, the only place he hopes to find solace is Sichardtshof, a farm...

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Hunters of Gaia

New Mother Earth Book 2
By Renna Olsen

Hunters of Gaia, the second book of Renna Olsen's New Mother Earth series delves into the power struggle between a galactic corporation intent on maintaining its assets, an ambitious leader bent on leaving her mark on history, an artificial intelligence seeking to evolve, and a...

Winters Day

By DM Wolfenden

Winters Day by DM Wolfenden is a great entry in the chick lit category, a story that follows the friendship between two cousins, Jolie and Debbie. The bond between the cousins is stronger than that between family members, but they are two distinct personalities. While...

Just Temporary

By S.M. Pitra

Casey is just your typical single, older woman. She's 43, never been married, no kids but two kitties. She rents a tiny little house, just a few blocks from her mother, that has the perfect space to use as a studio for her fiber art;...

City on a Hill

By Ted Neill

Jaw-dropping plot twists combine with thoughtful themes to produce an unforgettable read in Ted Neill’s debut novel, City on a Hill. Religious war turned the world to nuclear dust and desert. The remnants of humanity live in the walled cities of Lysander and Fortinbras. Religion...


A Collection of Stories
By Christopher T. Werkman

Girlfriending by Christopher T. Werkman is a lovely collection of intriguing short stories. I have never read a collection with so many diverse settings, characters and situations. Each story, whether one page long or several, transports you into its universe effortlessly. I was hooked from...

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