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Buckland Gap

By Charles Stanley Wiltshire

Buckland Gap is the debut novel from Charles Stanley Wiltshire and is as gritty and hard-nosed a portrayal of a city’s filthy underbelly as you are ever likely to read. Buckland Gap tells the story of David, a twenty-something thug that lives for nothing more...

The Sun King

From Retired Engineer to King of Solar Power
By David Toth

The Sun King: From Retired Engineer to King of Solar Power by David Toth is a contemporary novel that explores how far passion can lead the human soul. “When Harry Lennox retires in May, his friends and neighbors on Mawa Lake say he will lose...

Listening for Drums

By Robin Strachan

Listening for Drums is a contemporary fiction novel written by Robin Strachan. Dr. Carrie Nelson was getting ready to leave the Blackfeet Reservation in Northwest Montana once again. This was not the first time she would leave after completing her week as a volunteer with...


A Brooklyn Tale
By John E. DeJesus

Taco: A Brooklyn Tale is a young adult coming of age novel written by John E. DeJesus. Taco and his family moved to Brooklyn, New York, just before he began first grade. His real name was Juan Ortega, but Percy, a class clown, promptly named...

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The Passion of a Marquess

The Sisters of the Aristocracy Book 2
By Linda Rae Sande

The Passion Of A Marquess by Linda Rae Sande is a historical romance set in early nineteenth century England. After several seasons without a proposal, Lady Samantha Fitzsimmons is almost on the shelf. She embarks on a tour of Italy, hoping that she will catch...


A Storyteller's Story
By Rick Burnham

Jennifer is a stubborn young woman who is questioning her suffocating marriage. Hank is an old man who has seen tragedy and joy in his life and shares it in storytelling every Friday with the locals of Oak Springs, Florida. Jennifer and her husband stop...

The Finest Hat in the Whole World

By Colleen A. Parkinson

The Finest Hat in the Whole World by Colleen A. Parkinson brings alive a world that is now consigned to history. Opening on New Year’s Eve in 1916, the backdrop, seen through the eyes of Phena and Des, is of young American boys excited about...

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The Settling

By Michael Putegnat

In November 2004, Heinrich Finster strolled through Germany’s Hurtgen Forest, the site of vicious battles and thousands of deaths occurring sixty years earlier. Surprisingly, he found a skeleton wedged between two boulders, and realized the dog tags belong to an American soldier. The intriguing adventure...

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Next Therapist Please

By Laurie Finkelstein

Next Therapist Please is a semi-autobiographical romantic comedy written by Laurie Finkelstein. Janie Weiss was thrilled with how well her paintings had been received. Her agent, Angie, was getting her work exposure in art galleries where her use of color and innovative mixed media was...

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Book Simulator

By Chris Yee

Book Simulator is a hilarious, satirical self-help novel in the vein of books that promise to help you read faster! Better! More efficiently! However, instead of selling you empty promises and broken dreams of becoming a better reader, Book Simulator is here to help fool...