Fiction - Paranormal

The Elixir

A Bud Hutchins Urban Fantasy
By J B Michaels

The Elixir: A Bud Hutchins Urban Fantasy by JB Michaels is an exciting, contemporary, action-adventure story. It’s the second in a series and takes place in Chicago, picking up on adventures from the previous story. Wisecracking, teleporting private investigator Bud and his android friend, Bert,...

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The Day the Music Died

An Emlyn Goode Mystery
By Susan Solomon

The Day the Music Died: An Emlyn Goode Mystery is a paranormal murder mystery novella written by Susan Solomon. Amanda Stone’s meteoric rise to fame had made her legendary in her small hometown of Niagara Falls, New York, where she and Emlyn had both grown...

The Muse

A Novel of Unrelenting Terror
By Arjay Lewis

The Muse: A Novel of Unrelenting Terror by Arjay Lewis is the story a very famous and enigmatic writer named Jack Court. He is wealthy, young and handsome on top of being successful. But all of this comes at a price. Jack has a sinister...

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Habitat for Human Remains

By Scott A. Lerner

Scott A. Lerner’s Habitat for Human Remains is fifth in the Samuel Roberts series. Roberts is a cynical private practice lawyer with an interesting 'hobby’ of fighting the forces of darkness. It's not a hobby he’s chosen. It just seems to find him. This time...


By E. V. Robbins

Embrace by E.V. Robbins is a paranormal romance about fighting against a nightmarish creature hell-bent on murdering the world, while searching for the edge between salvation and damnation. Racy is a young woman who lives a simple life, dealing with her insufferable boss while contentedly...

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This Second Chance

By D.L. Finn

This Second Chance by D.L. Finn is the story of a woman who finally got her second chance at love; however, there seem to be unseen forces that don't want her to be happy. This is the story of Rachael Battaglia, a woman who has...

Holy Fool

By Kenneth Butler

In the entertaining and thought-provoking fiction novel, Holy Fool by Kenneth Butler, a materialistic husband and father decides to become a priest after surviving a car accident. George St. Hilaire is a shrewd and competitive man in every aspect of his life, and his prominent...

The Soul Mender

The Soul Mender Trilogy Volume 1
By R.S. Dabney

The Soul Mender by R.S. Dabney is the first part in The Soul Mender Trilogy, a gorgeous read for fans of the paranormal genre. Meet Riley Dale, a woman who has had a troubled childhood characterized by nightmares. Now, she is targeted by a mysterious...

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Girl In A Golden Cage

Gold Gift Series
By Lucy Branch

Girl in a Golden Cage is a splendid entry into the Gold Gift Series by Lucy Branch, a story with a strong, relatable protagonist. Francesca Milliardo is set for a promising future in the contemporary art world and she has succeeded in creating great connections...

Parallel Dimensions

By Lisa Graziano

Parallel Dimensions by Lisa Graziano is a fiction urban fantasy novel that would appeal most to a diverse audience of mature young adults and adults who enjoy reading about the paranormal, reincarnation, and psychics, and who do not mind some sexual content. Joey Smith died,...