Fiction - Realistic

Just Temporary

By S.M. Pitra

Casey is just your typical single, older woman. She's 43, never been married, no kids but two kitties. She rents a tiny little house, just a few blocks from her mother, that has the perfect space to use as a studio for her fiber art;...


A Collection of Stories
By Christopher T. Werkman

Girlfriending by Christopher T. Werkman is a lovely collection of intriguing short stories. I have never read a collection with so many diverse settings, characters and situations. Each story, whether one page long or several, transports you into its universe effortlessly. I was hooked from...

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Once There Was Fire

A Novel of Old Hawaii
By Stephen Shender

Once There Was Fire: A Novel of Old Hawaii by Stephen Shender is a compelling tale of the Hawaii of the 18th century till the 19th century, when the innocent Hawaiians were lured into the world of modernity. The novel takes the reader all the...

Presidential Conclusions

By Douglas J. Wood

Presidential Conclusions by Douglas J. Wood is a powerful political thriller with compelling characters. A story with an international setting in the future, with complex terrorist issues affecting the US, Ukraine and the Middle East. The reader follows the life of US President Samantha Harrison,...

Contract Pending

A Tale of Crime Romance and Family
By Al Marsiglia

In Contract Pending by Al Marsiglia, readers are treated to a story set in the Bronx, with varied characters from colorful criminal types to Louie Fiore, a simple family man who fixes shoes for a living. When Louie’s son, Frankie, mixes with some of Louie’s...

Mad Mischief

A Novel
By Susan St. John

I chose to read and review Mad Mischief by Susan St. John as I have lived in Kenya and travelled to many of the places she writes about. What we think at first is the average, rich American couple going on their first privately escorted...

House of Sand

A Dark Psychological Thriller
By Michael J Sanford

Everything seems reasonably normal when House of Sand by Michael J. Sanford opens, well, if a wife berating her husband mercilessly for his lack of get up and go is normal? And if his loving 8-year-old daughter, Aza, with her filthy mouth and some kind...

Six Women 6 Flavors

From Your Head to Your Bed
By A.D. White

Six Women 6 Flavors: From Your Head to Your Bed by A.D. White is an adult novel that is both entertaining and informative. The book is a personal narrative that follows a young teenager’s relationships up to his adult years. The author takes us on...

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The Fall

A novel inspired by true events
By Silvia Cristina Valentini

I read The Fall by Silvia Cristina Valentini in one sitting. It’s a novel based on true events and through most of the novel I was furious at the ineptitude and outright disregard our heroine, Sarah Martinelli, is faced with. She is the victim of...

Degrees of Love

A Novel
By Lisa Slabach

Degrees of Love by Lisa Slabach is her debut novel, but I would have never guessed that. I was immediately hooked by the story, and I couldn’t stop swiping frantically at my Kindle to see how the story unfolded. We follow Susan Sinclair, a wife,...