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A Mex Anderson Novel
By Peg Brantley

One of the joys of being a book reviewer is suddenly discovering a brilliantly talented author like Peg Brantley. Brantley is a crime fiction writer with three previous books to her credit. If Trafficked is any indication of the kind of writing one can expect...

Veil of Walls

By Patricia Panahi

Veil of Walls by Patricia Panahi is a compelling story that plunges the reader into the heart of Persian culture and norms, exploring social issues and powerful themes like family, the rights of women, and marriage. A ten-year-old girl goes on a one-month vacation to...

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Kurt and Bongo and the Hippies

By Al Gromer Khan

Kurt and Bongo and the Hippies by Al Gromer Khan revolves around three main characters: Kurt (a German), Bongo (an African), and Toby (an Indian). There are other side characters in the story, but they are just that -- side characters. This does not mean...

Key Largo Blues

The Sequel to Dakota Blues (Karen Grace) (Volume 2)
By Lynne M. Spreen

Key Largo Blues: The Sequel to Dakota Blues (Karen Grace) by Lynne M. Spreen is a compelling novel that explores social issues and follows one woman’s struggle to come to grips with problems in her life. The story takes off from the previous book, where...

Grace Group

By Carrie Maldonado

In Grace Group by Carrie Maldonado, Holly had just been diagnosed with a rare terminal illness. How can she carry on her life as a human resources director, her sometime love affair with her boyfriend, and her duties as a daughter to her battling parents?...

Boulevard Beauséjour

By Jane Foster and Anne Yelland

What is it like for an American to survive in Paris? Boulevard Beauséjour by Jane Foster and Anne Yelland reflects on this question and weaves a stunning answer in a novel that explores the clash of cultures, the prejudices people could have about each other,...

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Jesus and Magdalene

By Joao Cerqueira

An extremist ecological group is set on destroying a field of genetically-modified corn. A rising against and for building a tourist attraction in the forest reserve of a quaint but seemingly-backward little town. A seemingly endless loop of ethnic warfare between gypsies and blacks. This...

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What Mountains Teach

By Michael Herrick

What Mountains Teach by Michael Herrick is an inspiring story of a man’s journey back to himself. It is a spellbinding story of a man facing a midlife crisis, unable to come to grips with the distance between his wife and himself, and not able...

The Regrets of Cyrus Dodd

By Bette Lee Crosby

The Regrets of Cyrus Dodd by Bette Lee Crosby is a wonderful tale of life and regret. Cyrus Dodd promised Ruth that he would give her a life she would love. The trouble is, he has a lot of pride and we all know that...

The End of Miracles

A Novel
By Monica Starkman

The End of Miracles by Monica Starkman is a novel about a woman’s battle with depression following the loss of a child. Margo has longed for a child, but infertility leaves her with little hope, until she finds herself unexpectedly pregnant. Overjoyed, she and her...