Young Adult - General

Book Simulator

By Chris Yee

Book Simulator is a hilarious, satirical self-help novel in the vein of books that promise to help you read faster! Better! More efficiently! However, instead of selling you empty promises and broken dreams of becoming a better reader, Book Simulator is here to help fool...

New Kid In Town

Bryant Rockwell Book 1
By Jacky Gray

New Kid In Town by Jacky Gray is a young adult romance that is the first book in the Bryant Rockwell series. Liv, Jude and Kat - or Brainy, Sporty and Arty - are three girls who are dealing with a whole host of issues...

Detention Land

Lip Service
By Susan Orion

Detention Land: Lip Service by Susan Orion is a great read with compelling characters and an interesting plot, a story with great psychological depth. A teenage boy finds himself trapped in a small room, not knowing why. He is devoid of any contact with the...

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Get Spooky Volume 1
By Jinx

Spook is the first book in the Get Spooky series. It tells the story of paranormal investigator, Daphne Fitz, who believes in ghosts, demons, and pretty much everything but aliens—maybe. After all, the line needed to be drawn somewhere! Having just received her online parapsychology...

Black Dawn

By Mallory McCartney

Shape shifting, betrayal, romance and time travel conspire in Black Dawn by Mallory McCartney. The heroine, Emory Fae, is a twenty-one-year-old young woman who is troubled by the man she encounters in her recurring dream. But it is not a nocturnal mishap. It is the...

Bittersweet Memories

A Novel
By Lynn Osterkamp

Is your family considered open and transparent, closed and full of secrets, or living in a sea of avoidance and regrets? Each family has a special dynamic and code that they live by. These elements may begin in childhood but transcend well into adulthood and...

Swim Season

By Marianne Sciucco

Swim Season by Marianne Sciucco is a gripping novel that will find a comfortable home with sports fans and readers looking for well-rounded characters. Champion swimmer Aerin Keane has grown up in a family where they expect her to meet excellence at all cost and...


Alison Hayes Volume 1
By Angie Gallion

Angie Gallion’s Intoxic is an intoxicating coming of age story that will appeal to many! The main character, Alison, is sixteen years old, with all the challenges of that age group – love, family, peer groups, school and more. The thing is, most of us...

Black Child to Black Woman

A Journey of Tremendous Proportions
By Cheryl Denise Bannerman

With life there are all types of experiences, lessons and challenges that shape us. It is the beginning of life from the womb to our formative years, up to the age of five, that help to create who we will be. If something drastic, brutal,...

4 Years Trapped in My Mind Palace

By Johan Twiss

In 4 Years Trapped in My Mind Palace by Johan Twiss, Aaron Greenburg’s life is completely dismantled on the day he is diagnosed with a rare form of meningitis. He becomes a teenager trapped inside a lifeless body. He is unable to move, and...