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Ocean One

Only One Ocean, Only One Chance
By Eileen Clancy Biegel

Ocean One: Only One Ocean, Only One Chance is an environmental science children’s storybook written by Eileen Clancy Biegel and illustrated by Sue Lynn Cotton. As a member of the U.S. Coast Guard, Biegel spent a year on Kure Atoll, which is the subject of...

Timeless Tales

Poems of Childhood
By E. V. Eklund

Timeless Tales: Poems of Childhood by E.V. Eklund is an anthology of illustrated poems for young children. The poems cover a wide range of interests and should appeal to pretty much everyone. Simple topics including animals, fruits and vegetables, friendships, playtime, creativity and emotion, short...

Ms. Esme Undercover K-9

And The Missing Bone (Ms. Esme Undercover K-9 Book 1)
By L.A. Maldonado

Esme has been assigned a new job in Ms. Esme Undercover K-9: And The Missing Bone by L.A. Maldonado. This time her case is downtown and Esme hates going downtown, especially if it is an undercover case. Mr. Thorn thinks only Esme can handle the...

Love and Kindness

By Christine Topjian

Love and Kindness by Christine Topjian is about love and kindness and lending a helping hand to anyone who needs it. It is always important to reach out to those who need help, such as if someone in the class is having a hard time...

Hannah & Amy Go to Brazil

By Sabrina Rizk

Hannah & Amy Go to Brazil by Sabrina Rizk takes young readers on a journey along with Hannah and Amy to Brazil. Readers learn about the country, its culture, people, places of interest, and customs through this book. The real life adventures of these two...

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For No Reason

By Kathleen Gauer

I chose to read For No Reason by Kathleen Gauer because my daughter has had a similar problem to Jamie’s with a boy in her class. In the book Jamie is being bullied by the new kid. Jamie wants the bullying to stop, but she...

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Æsop's Fables

Volume One
By Lucas Hucher, Æsop

Aesop’s Fables by Lucas Hucher is a modern retelling of some of the most famous stories told by legendary children’s story teller, Aesop. Using present day language, Hucher shares interesting, educational tales which are intended to entertain and provide wisdom for readers. In a manner...

A Sleepless Dream

By Mohibul Nahar

A Sleepless Dream by Mohibul Nahar is a charming story about a little baby who is ready to go to bed after the day is done. He rests his head on his father’s chest and his father sings songs and pats his back while...

Oh Susannah

It's in the Bag (An Oh Susannah Story)
By Carole P. Roman

Oh Susannah: It’s In The Bag by Carole P. Roman is the adorable story of Susannah, a third grade student who lives with her parents. Susannah Logan is struggling with her math homework and she can hear the old clock ticking. Her mother’s eyes are...

Maya Rose Chooses a Grandmother

By Alice Naylor

Maya Rose Chooses a Grandmother by Alice Phoebe Naylor is a heartwarming story of an Indian girl who is adopted by an American woman. Maya Rose, as she is named, lives near the ocean and she likes to play with her friends and also in...