Poetry - General


By Gary Beck

Tremors, a collection by poet Gary Beck, holds within its pages a grand combination of both free verse and rhyming poetry. His poems touch on his viewpoints of civilization as it is today, and where it has been. The words hit you like an energy...


A Collection of Cattiverse
By J.R.Poulter (also wrting as J.R.McRae)

J.R. Poulter's Cattitudes: A Collection of Cattiverse is a delightful collection of rhyming poetry revolving around that wonderful feline. From big to small, they are all included, from tigers to lions to household kitties, there are even some cameos of dogs and other creatures. The...

A Shot in the Dark; A Spark in the Night

Poetry, Writings, and Thoughts Collide
By Darryl Miller

A Shot in the Dark; A Spark in the Night by Daryl Miller is a touching poetry collection about having faith in the future. These poems delve into the blessings that many individuals take for granted. Through simple, yet touching rhymes, the poems explore the...

Eat the Young

By Kurtis Matthew Russell

The poetry collection Eat the Young by poet Kurtis Matthew Russell immerses you in emotion and unfiltered thoughts on a range of topics, from imaginary pets to drug use. It triggers responses of all shapes and kinds. It is not paint by the numbers poetry;...


By John Sibley Williams

The poetry of John Sibley Williams as exhibited in this brief collection of short verse, Disinheritance, seems to congregate around the theme of a family remembered, often as if spoken by the recently deceased, and most disturbingly around the death of a young child, a...


By Nicole Lyons

Hush by Nicole Lyons is a collection of poetry that illuminates the pain of losing someone, as the world forces you to move on without them. From the decaying light of an old tree, to the loss of a dearly beloved, Lyons drapes these poems...

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Poems of a War in Ukraine
By Murray Pura

In Murray Pura's poetry collection, Petals: Poems of a War in Ukraine, you are immersed in a part of life that many people in this world are not privy to. War. This collection pulls together snapshots of childhood memories and the recalling of war, and...

Tango In A Teacup

Poetry of passion, grief, love and reclaiming your life
By Chris Foster

When you open Chris Foster’s poetry collection, Tango In A Teacup, you are presented with a variety of poetry forms, some one-liners and a few others taking up more than one page. The structure of the poem itself is one of being dropped into the...

Salted Caramel

By Jalaysha Malik

Jalaysha Malik’s poetry collection Salted Caramel brings to life the past, present, and future of African Americans, each with their own chapter. The poet pours out their journey and tribulations and uses first person to do so. Her words don’t hold back, and they shouldn’t....

Torn Poems

By Hugh Dysart

Hugh Dysart's collection, Torn Poems, threads in a professional career as a musician with stances he takes on politics, love, and the state of the world in which we live today. With all that passion, Dysart then creates poetry that conveys a certain authority that...

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