Book of the Sky God

Volume 1
By Laura Markowitz

"Book of the Sky God" is an engaging book that will please middle schoolers. The story centers around five teenagers Henry, Ram, Katie, Nina and Laila. The Brotherhood of Prophecy knew the Mayan Calendar predicted the world would end in 2015; however, they encouraged the...

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Blood Warrior

The Alexa Montgomery Saga
By H.D. Gordon

Alexa’s mother trains her to be a fighter every day of her life and never tells her why or what for. All her mother tells her is to trust and protect her younger sister Nelly. When vicious supernatural creatures attack them at their home, Alexa...

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Broken City

By D.D. Chant

Deep within the death-ravaged throes of a collapsed humanity, young Deeta has lived a relatively sheltered life within the safe confines of her apartment building/stronghold. Tom -- cool, yet mysterious and intense by default -- was one of the tribe's most skilled and well-respected members....